Looking for Ideas? Check Out Our Class Blog List!

Image of CandyHave you checked out the Check Out Class Blogs and Skype Other Classrooms! pages on this blog?

We now have over 150 different types of class blogs on the Check Out Class Blogs page and contact details for over 35 educators interested in connecting with other classrooms on the Skype Other Classrooms! page!

Here’s a few cool ideas on blogs I saw while updating the class blogs page:

  1. Over on Mrs Lynch’s Look What’s Happening in Room 102! blog she has:
  2. On What’s up dawg? blog I took their Vocabulary Quiz that had been created using ProProfs QuizSchool and embedded into a blog post.  Thankfully I passed the quiz.
  3. cas10mbc blog has written informative posts to guide Year 10 students through the process of blogging.
  4. Over on TED Istanbul 5th Graders are Blogging! they have added a Poll created using Poll Daddy to their blog right side bar to find out what their students like the best about blogging.  The poll choices are links, songs, reading comments, writing comments, reading posts from teachers, and other.  Check out their poll to see what the students like the best.


I’m regularly updating Check Out Class Blogs and Skype Other Classrooms! pages – follow the instructions on the pages if you want your details added to either page.  Meanwhile please leave a comment on this post to share any cool ideas you see when checking out the different blogs.

As a Christmas Day special I was thinking it would be nice to share photos of how we celebrate Christmas in the different countries by embedding them into a blog post on The Edublogger.  If you would like to be part of this – could you please:

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13 thoughts on “Looking for Ideas? Check Out Our Class Blog List!

  1. Sue,

    As a educator, and currently as student in a technology course as well, I have to say thank you for your blog. This post has opened my eyes beyond wide to see how I can incorporate the blog into my classroom and with various activities. It is amazing that I can do puzzles, vocabulary quizzes, and connect with other students world wide! I know students are all about interaction especially via the computer. I definitely will subscribe as well to keep up to date and learn more things about the world of blogging!

    1. No problem about mentioning your blog Deb. There is always a chance with Vocabulary Quizzes that I won’t pass. I’m a scientist and English/language has always been a struggle for me.

  2. Since Edublogs have been running a membership drive and seemed to have pulled out all my plugins (including akismet), my blog (suppose to be cyber-safe for education) has been assaulted with some sort of spam where random words are selected by an unknown source and linked to a range of web sites (like add-ware for Russian Women: I don’t think my grade fives need to see this). Some of the sites are inappropriate, particularly for grade 5 students.

    This didn’t happen until I noticed my ”free” account (teacher’s blog) had been compromised and the plugins that were initially available were pulled. Apparently, I can activate them only if I subscribe… is this correct??

    What I have lost:
    1) A free option for secure educational blogging
    2) Trusted provider (DEECD recommended)
    3) Control over the actual content
    4) Plugins: Akismet and my cluster map gone 🙁

    I am somewhat alarmed at this. Is there something I have been doing wrong? Is there a security issue I need to redress or is this due to my spam blocking plugin being removed by Edublogs and the current policy.

    I certainly hope that I am not too abrasive… I just need some help here from the site admin’. If it’s simply a question of pay-up then please let me know.

    You can view my blog http://altan.edublogs.org
    Check the words that are double underlined in blue. Somehow these have been linked to a range of commercially based sites. Should I be reporting this elswhere??

    Please respond .

    1. “Should I be reporting this elswhere??”

      Yes – Edublogs forum is where you should be reporting this – here is the forum thread that you should refer to. The underlined words are content ad links. If you become an Edublogs supporter you will have access to your plugins and all ads will be removed from your blog – also you can remove ads from 30 student blogs. Alternatively if there are any ads that you feel are inappropriate you need to report them in the Edublogs forum.

      1. Okay Sue,
        Thanks for the reply. I was unaware of the ‘content ad links’ issue. This clarifies things now.

        I’ll move to the forum thread as you’ve suggested. Thank you,

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