Updated: Check Out These Class Blogs

Looking for examples of class blogs? We’ve just completed the latest update of our list which we’ve maintained since 2008.

Our class blog list is updated twice a year and always proves to be a popular resource.

Perhaps you’re looking for insights into how other educators use blogs? Maybe you’re seeking lesson inspiration? Or perhaps you’re wanting to make global connections? Our class blog list is a useful starting point.

Graphic: The Edublogger's Class Blog List

In our latest update, we’ve removed blogs that have been deleted, moved, or haven’t been updated in the last 6 months.

Note: This is far from an exhaustive list of class blogs around the world. Scroll down to find out how to add your class for our next update.

The Class Blog List

The complete Edublogger’s class blog list is embedded below.

The list is separated into:

  • Grade or year level, then
  • Subject areas such as Maths, Science, English, History, etc, or
  • Type of blog such as library or school news

The columns on the spreadsheet help you identify:

  • Class Blog Title
  • Country
  • Blogging Since — This is the year that the teacher began blogging with students (perhaps not with the same blog they’re currently using)
  • Blogging Platform
  • Student Blogs — Class blogs with individual student blogs are listed as “Yes” under this column. Most student blogs can be found on the sidebar of the class blog under the class blog widget or student list. The platform that student blogs are hosted on is indicated in brackets on the spreadsheet (EB = Edublogs, CP = CampusPress, KB = Kidblog, and SS = Seesaw)
  • Class Twitter account where applicable
  • Teacher(s) Name if we have that information

Click on the blog title to visit the class blog!

Click here to open the list in a new tab for easier viewing.

Add/Amend Your Details

👉 Is your class blog on this list but you’ve spotted inaccuracies or missing information? Please leave a comment on this post and let us know what details we need to update. Scroll down to find the comment box.

👉 Would you like to add your class blog to our next update of our list? Complete this Google Form. Your class blog must be public to be added to the list. It should also be active and established (i.e. not brand new).

Important Notes:

  • We update the list twice a year so your blog might not be added to the list until our next update which will be published on The Edublogger around May 2020.
  • This list is for class blogs. It’s not for teacher blogs or promotional sites.
  • You don’t have to use Edublogs to be on the list!

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve found this list of class blogs helpful. Scroll down to find the comment box.

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Visiting other class blogs can be a great way to find inspiration and connections. But where do you find other class blogs? We've just completed the latest update of our popular list.

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