The Class Blog List has been updated! Is your class blog on the list?

We have maintained a class blog list on the Edublogger for the past 9 years to help educators:

  • Get ideas on how class blogs are used with students.
  • Check out ideas they can use with their students and on their own class blog.
  • Make connections with classes in other countries.

Since the list was first created in 2008 it continues to be one of the most visited page on this blog.

We’ve just completed the latest update to remove blogs that have been deleted or haven’t updated in the last 6 months.

Is your class blog on the list?

The Class Blog List

The complete Edublogger’s Class Blog list is embedded below.

The list is separated into Grades; Subject Areas such as Maths, Science, English, History, LOTE, EFL /ESL; and type of blog such as Library, School news.  Class blogs with individual student blogs are listed as “Yes” under the student blog column; platform hosted on is indicated in brackets (EB = Edublogs, KB=Kidblog and SS= SeeSaw).   Most student blogs are listed under the Class blog widget or Student list in the sidebar of the class blog.

A class blog with ‘Since’ and the date indicates how long the teacher has been blogging with students.

Orange is used to highlight blogs we share as examples of different approaches to class blogging.

Click on their blog title to visit the class blog!

How to Add Your Class blog

Would you like to your class blog to our class blog list?

Complete the following form.  Your class blog must be public to be added to the list.

Leave a comment on this post if your blog is already on the class blog list and we need to update some details.


2 thoughts on “The Class Blog List has been updated! Is your class blog on the list?

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for keeping our class blog updated on this great list, Sue. We continue to blog this year in Grade 5. Some students have “earned” their own blogs, and I’ve added all 50 of my students onto our class blog, so they contribute posts directly. That was a first this year. There are so many great features on Edublogs!

    There is just one change to make on our Krebs Class Blogs entry. We are actually in Bahrain. Thanks so much!


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