Are You Attending The K12 Online Conference?

Image of k12 online logoAre you interested in integrating emerging technologies into your classroom practice? Or want to learn how other educators are using technologies in their classrooms?

Why not participate in the K12 online conference! It’s free and fully online.

About K12 Online Conference

The K12 Online conference is coordinated by a group of volunteer educators to help educators make sense of and meet the needs of a continually changing learning landscape. Focus of the conference is integration of emerging technologies into classroom practice.

The conference includes:

  1. Pre-recorded presentations (20 minutes) that you can download and watch at your convenience — All presentations (including keynotes) are pre-recorded
  2. Live Events (using Elluminate) where you can interact with the presenters and other educators using talk and chat facilities

All of the presentations remain online for anyone to access in the future. Here are the K12 Online 2006 Archives and K12 Online 2007 Archives.

The Program

Each day of the conference four (4) presentations will be available for viewing from 12 pm GMT. Key dates on the conference program are:

  1. October 13th – Preconference Keynote
  2. TBA – Live Event
  3. October 20th – Keynote presentations
  4. October 20-24th
    • Presentations based on the themes of Getting Started and Prove it
  5. October 25th 3:00 PM Saturday GMT (time zone converter) – Live Event
    • Fireside Chat With Week One Keynoters and Presenters – click on this link to join
  6. October 27th Keynote presentations
  7. October 27-31st
    • Presentations based on the themes of Kicking It Up A Notch and Leading the Change
  8. October 31st 1:00 AM Friday GMT (time zone converter) – Live Event
    • Fireside Chat With Week Two Keynoters and Presenters – click on this link to join
  9. November 1st 12:00 AM Friday GMT (time zone converter) – Live 24 hour event

Participating In The Conference

The presentations will be posted on the K12 Online conference blog each day during the conference. However the easiest way to access the presentations and keep up with the latest news from the conference is to subscribe to the different web RSS feeds using a feed reader (e.g. Google Reader, Bloglines) and/or a podcast receiver (e.g. iTunes).

Here are the different web feeds for the conference:

  1. Conference blog posts
  2. Conference blog post comments
  3. Audio only podcasts channel (all presentations)
  4. Video only podcasts channel (all presentations

UPDATE: The links to the Audio and Video podcast channels have been amended for 2008 podcasts

You can also follow K12 online on Twitter for the latest news and gossip from the conference or join their Ning community.


Look forward to seeing you at the conference — any dress code is acceptable so I may be wearing my PJs.

Please take the time to share your experience with previous K12 Online Conferences for people new to this conference:

  1. What have you gained from attending the K12 Online?
  2. What are your tips for getting the most out of K12 Online Conference?

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13 thoughts on “Are You Attending The K12 Online Conference?

  1. This is the greatest post I have come across so far.I am really pleased to post my comment on this blog .I love your blog by the way, I am gonna have to add you to my list of watched blogs .Thank you for this very useful information. stored it.Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  2. @sue teachers don’t have “admin priv” to install programs…if it IS embeded on Reader I bet it’ll work! Thanks for your help. I cannot wait to have a conversation about global connectivity with my classes based on our conversation tonight! They will be thrilled to see that Aust. Is on our cluster map (again) and feedjit!

  3. @Bryan Okay so that means that you can’t install programs on your computer at school? Or is it blocked? I checked both the audio and video link in Google Reader and they open up as a blip TV file — so that won’t work if Blip TV is blocked. However they have embedded the Blip TV of the presentation in the blog post if that helps?

  4. @sue, itunes at school? Ha, there is no educational value in that (ahem…with sarchasm). I would do it from home but where I live (Boondocks, Ar) there is no hi-speed available. Never thought of Reader for audio…I’ll try it in the AM.

  5. @Bryan I’m speechless and can’t believe it. How about if you use the RSS feeds into Google Reader and iTunes at school — does that work? Although Dean let me know that I need to make changes to some of the feed information.

    @Nancyscofield It was my first week back at work so hoping to get a chance later in the week 🙁

    @Darren Draper Will look out for you then at the conference I will be the person wearing the pink carnation 🙂

    @Dean Shareski Thanks glad you liked. We have a lot of new people who read The Edublogger so wanted to share enough so they would understand why to attend and the easiest ways to get the most out of it. Can you let me know the feed URLs that I need to change when you know more?

  6. Can you believe it…K12 is blocked at my school. Tech guy is working on it…but his response via email was, “Apparently, the hosting site that the conference is using also houses some R Rated material. I’ll do some checking, but I doubt that’s a block that I can bypass.” Can’t believe it!

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