You’ve Finished Your Blog Entry? Now Get To Work!

Infographic On 12 Tips For Aspiring Bloggers
Kids Baking. The Only Other Thing That Is More Work After The Product Is Made Than Before.

So you’ve written your blog post and you are finally happy with it.  You’ve researched your subject thoroughly, written about it with your normal wit and panache, added in a bunch of cleverly captioned cat pictures, and edited the post carefully.  You then hit Publish and forget about it and wait for the comments about (1) how insightful you are, (2) how obviously and sadly deluded you are, or (3) what an outstanding deal you can get on office furniture/shoes/pills/long-distance calling.

But should that be it?  One of the secrets of the most successful bloggers is that they usually put in as much work getting the message out about their posts as they did into making them.  Sometimes more.

The key is to think: who would be interested in reading this who isn’t going to see it otherwise?  Your regular readers will see it, if only because they read your blog regularly.  But who else?  Here are some other people that you might want to think about reaching out to:

  1. Occasional readers.  Get in touch with those users who only check in on your blog when time is permitting.  They might not be able to read every post you write, but this  post could be the one they would most enjoy reading.
  2. Other bloggers.  Sad to say, but even those of us who live in the blogosphere have RSS feeds filled with unread items.  Make sure that other bloggers who might be interested in what you have to say have a chance to see your post.
  3. You social network.  Your friends, family, coworkers, and that guy-that-you-met-at-that-thing-in-what-was-it-February all might not be avid blog readers, but would certainly read your post if it was put in front of their noses.
  4. Strangers in the same boat.   Is there anyone out there who doesn’t read your blog, but has had the same problem as you have faced/solved?  Find those people and let them know what you know.

For a great breakdown of how to get the word out about your blog post, take a look at the excellent infographic below, from DivvyHQ, on the  “12 Things You Need to Do After You’ve Written a New Blog Post”:

Are there any of the tips that you don’t like?  Let us know in the comments section below…

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