What Do Your Students Really Think About Blogging?

The student and class bloggers have been working hard and submitted some incredible entries for The Edublogger’s Student Competition.  Strongly recommend you read through the comments to follow links across to their posts.  Definitely will be showcasing these posts over the next few weeks.

To get us started I’m hoping you can help out!

Hayley and Sophie have both created different blogging surveys for students to complete.  I’m looking forward to their analysis of the responses (as others probably are).  Obviously the more responses the better — so could you please ask your students to drop past and complete their surveys?

Both surveys have been created using Survey Monkey and will only take a few minutes to complete.  Each have asked different questions!

Here’s Haley’s survey!

Image of link to Haley\'s survey

Here’s Sophie’s Survey!

Image to link to Sophie\'s survey

Plus I’m sure both Hayley and Sophie would love you to drop past their blogs and leave a comment about your thoughts!

I’m sure they would love your feedback on:

  1. What did you think of the idea of the survey?
  2. How did you find the questions?
  3. Are there any questions you would have added or changed?


Remember any class or student blogger can enter The Edublogger’s Student Competition – you have until April 30.

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Alice Mercer will be presenting this week on “The big picture: Blogging with elementary students and how to avoid potholes on the way”.  Session time is Thu 9 April 11:00 AM AEST (GMT + 6 hrs)/Wed 8 April 9:00 PM EST/Wed 6:00 PM PST/Thu 2:00 AM BST.  Click on this link to join the session!

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6 thoughts on “What Do Your Students Really Think About Blogging?

  1. Hello, you commented on my blog but I am not to sure how to write back, so I just went here and writing to you here, I just learnt that blogging is really cool and so much fun! Ya you should talk to my teacher to see if blogging has made it harder or easier for them and yes maybe he’ll say different.

    1. Hi Cheyenne, really good question. When in doubt you are always best to do exactly what you have done here. Most inexperienced bloggers don’t know how to track comments so the safest thing is to leave a comment on their post.

      And it is always best to leave a context to the comment just like you have. Let me know what your teacher says about blogging. I will be interested.

      I’m normally really good at tracking the comments but unfortunately I changed to a different web browser and didn’t think about the fact I wasn’t tracking the comments any more 🙁

  2. I really enjoy how you are taking student blogging to the next level where it is more participative and collaborative between teachers and students worldwide.

    1. Thanks Paul. To be honest I couldn’t do it without community members like Miss Wyatt and her team of amazing teachers plus students. I’m lucky that I get to sit back and help them in their journey.

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