Weekly Roundup: Legos, Minecraft, And Using Technology In Your Class…With Purpose!

This week’s round-up of Edublogs news, blog posts, classroom resources, and all things blog related.

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Smell The Roses: A Potpourri of Posts on Blogging, Gaming, EdTech, & More

If you’re reading our blog, you may already know this, but just in case here are some good reasons Why Teachers and Students Should Blog

You may find it easier to include technology into your lessons as “objects to think with” rather than as a replacement for textbooks and notebooks.

There is a lot of ongoing buzz about MineCraft in the classroom. Now, Lego is hoping to give the game a run for its money with their own Lego Worlds.

What teaching practices have you used in the past that you would never use again?

You are using technology in your classroom. Awesome! But, are you using it with purpose?

Edublogger Tools Recap

If your school year is winding down, then this is a good time to look back at some of the tools we have shared over the past year and see what you can use next year. If you’re not getting ready for summer break, then you and your students can start playing with them right away!

Bird’s The Word: Tweets Worth Sharing


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup: Legos, Minecraft, And Using Technology In Your Class…With Purpose!

  1. Hi Jason,
    I am brand new to the world of blogging, although I have heard many other educators use this outlet to inform and discuss important topics. I will consider this further now. Technology has become the expected supplemental activities’ form in classrooms everywhere. You’re right though; technology needs to be purposeful, not just be incorporated to say it was. Minecraft is huge nowadays. I am also going to research how to use this in my classroom.

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