Weekly Roundup: How Blogging Transformed My Class

weeklyroundupThis week’s round-up of Edublogs news, blog posts, classroom resources, and all things blog related.

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This week, Mrs. McNally published her post, “How Blogging Transformed My Classes.” In her post, Mrs. McNally weaves inspirational stories about moments of cooperation, discovery and, dare I say, enlightenment into her practical descriptions of how she set up her blog and began the process of blogging with her classes. It’s a post worth reading and sharing with other teachers who may be interested in blogging with their classes.

Another great blog to take a look at is Fiona’s Action Research Project: Sharing & Reflecting on Learning. This blog explores the step-by-step process of blogging with students. It’s full of great information derived from real-world experiences. This is another blog worth reading and sharing.

So Many Roads: Posts About Different Ways To Learn

For narrative learners who grasp concepts by aligning them to stories, could storytelling be the “secret sauce” to STEM education?

If you’ve thought about creating a maker space in your class for active learning, the Daring Librarian shows you how to get started with the maker space starter kit.

Virtual field trips are a great alternative to “real world” field trips that require travel costs, supervision and lot of planning. Here are 7 tips for doing your virtual field trip right.

Have you watched a YouTube video on how bake cookies, or how to tune up your bike? If so, congratulations, you have taken part in micro-learning! Find out what micro-learning is and how it can be made a part of eLearning.

Edublogs Community Posts

What if video games were homework? Let students design, build and play their own games as part of the the STEM Video Game Challenge.

For the teachers who never take a break, here’s a list of resources that are perfect for anytime, anywhere learning.

The Tompkins HS Library is working on creating their own maker space. Find out which resources they’ll be using to plan and create their space.

Mr. Martin’s Musings explores the popularity of podcasts and vlogs. How could these be incorporated into your classroom blogging?

Unbeatable Tweetables

Have you written or read any great posts about how students learn? If so, please share them with us on Twitter. Be sure to check back next week for another weekly roundup of great posts!

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