Weekly Roundup: EduTECH Congress, Web Browsers, Lists, And Inside Edublogger Classrooms

This week’s round-up of Edublogs news, blog posts, classroom resources, and all things blog related.

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EduTECH National Congress & Expo

We’re excited to be heading to Brisbane, Australia on June 2nd & 3rd for the EduTECH National Congress & Expo.

If you will be there, tweet at us (@edublogs and @suewaters) and say hello!

For those in Australia you can visit the EduTECH exhibition space for free by registering for an expo pass. The EduTECH exhibition includes the following features:

Love It & List It: This Week’s Top 5 List Posts

Did you know you can follow just 10 steps to create the perfect educational Twitter account? Mr. Kemp lays out his 10 steps here.

David Price thinks we have to “build a better understanding” of how kids are “learning outside school and take account of that in our learning and teaching practice.” In his post, Six Powerful Motivations Driving Social Learning By Teens he explores what drives social learning.

They say 3 is the magic number. So, here are The 3 Things Digital Classrooms Really Need. Let the magic begin!

6 Questions for Diana Oblinger: EDUCAUSE President and CEO, Diana Oblinger, talks about the future of higher education IT in this podcast.

9 Maker Projects for Beginner Maker Ed Teachers: Maker education (often referred to as “Maker Ed”) is a new school of educational thought that focuses on delivering constructivist, project-based learning curriculum and instructional units to students.

Inside Look: What’s Happening In Edublogger Classrooms Around The World

Mrs. Pilakowski and her students published an amazing expository literary journal worth taking a look at!

Forman Elementary’s 5th graders built some sweet ballon cars. Check out their creations and how to make your own.

Miss Tonissen’s students took the 5 Sentence Challenge. Have you done a similar challenge in class? Let us know in the comments!

The kids at Soldiers Point P.S. continue to monitor koalas! How cool is that?

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The Educators’ Guide To Web Browsers

In case you missed it, this week on The Edublogger we shared everything we’ve learned when helping others with web browser issues. Hope you find it helpful.

Check back next week for the next weekly round up. Happy blogging!

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