Weekly Roundup: Edublogs Gets Friendlier With Mobile And 4 Posts Worth Sharing

This week’s round-up of Edublogs news, blog posts, classroom resources, and all things blog related.

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Responsive themes
Responsive theme vs a non-responsive theme on a phone

Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: Edublogs Gets More Mobile Friendly

We just added over 50 new mobile friendly themes. And some of our oldest themes are going away. Read here to see if your blog’s theme is mobile friendly and why you should care!

And don’t forget about our iOS and Android mobile apps, or that you can blog from the web browser from any device too!

Food Four Thought: Four Recent Thought Provoking Posts

George Couros believes it’s hard to “sell” educators on technology unless it helps to enhance relationships and learning. So, really, selling more teachers on tech in the classroom isn’t all about the technology…or is it?

Digital technology is more pervasive than ever in learning. Yet, “I don’t do digital” is still a comment we often hear. If you’re not “doing” digital, here’s 5 reasons why you should start.

If you’re amongst the many educators that dread going to the next staff meeting, maybe pass this along to your meeting’s organizers and hope they’ll spice it up a bit!

Student privacy is the number one concern for teachers when taking their students online. So, it’s no wonder that teachers are doubling as privacy entrepreneurs.

A-May-zing Tweets: Best Tweets Of The Month (So Far!)


Appreciating Teachers

And last but not least, Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all educators everywhere! Even though we think this should be celebrated year-round…

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