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What Data Should We Use?

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The term data-driven is a catchphrase of educational jargon that is gradually losing its meaning. How do we re-invigorate the discussion around the meaningful use of data in our schools?  Let’s start by broadening the definition of “data.”

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Our Learning in Digital Writing


Mrs. Kulyk and Ms. Elliott presented at a teacher’s conference about digital writing this year. Here are two videos that show students learning about their digital writing process.

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Shakespeare At The Castle


“A misty, dank morning at Middleham Castle” sounds like the perfect setting for a performance of Macbeth. This definitely looks, as Mrs. Monaghan puts it, like a “a fitting climax” to a Shakespeare class!

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Confused: Teaching Vocabulary “Horizontally” or “In Context”?


A set of activities for children who struggle with vocabulary acquisition in class. These activities use Leo Selivan’s ideas about Horizontal Alternatives to Vertical Lists to help aid retention.

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Travels with Charlie: MAINE Footprint Lobster


Discover how one Pre-K used the Booking Across the USA project as inspiration for a whole series of lessons and projects about Earth, the United States, their home state of Maine and their hometowns.

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