Travelling Toy Bloggers – Coming to a School Near You!

Note: This post was written by Sue Wyatt, who lives in Tasmania, Australia, and is the fearless leader of the Student Blogging Challenges.

In 2011, I went on a fantastic holiday (vacation) in Canada and U.S.A. for 11 weeks. I drove about 10.000 miles in an automatic car on the wrong side of the road without using a GPS or mobile phone. I visited about 25 different classes arranged by 12 teachers in my PLN.

I didn’t write a blog about my experiences though.

“What!”, you say, “Yet you are writing here about blogging?”

Mr. Davo Devil eating dessert!

Instead of me writing the blog, I had my travelling companion, Mr Davo Devil (#mrdavodevil) write about his adventures. Now, Mr Davo Devil is a soft toy from Tasmania. Naturally, by the name, you can tell he is a Tasmanian Devil.

He wanted students and teachers from around the world to participate in his travels, so after each post he would ask questions or have students create avatars etc. He also had a section where students could ask questions or try to answer those left by other students. A map of his journey was also included.

Since returning home (Mr Davo Devil hid in a classroom in Los Angeles), I have also created a blog for another soft toy called DUsquirrel. DU stands for down under and he will be touring Australia and New Zealand over 2012. His hashtag will be #dusquirrel.

If you are a teacher in Canada/USA and would like to have Davo visit you during 2012/2013, please fill in his booking sheet and we will try to get him to you on time. You may keep him for about a fortnight (two weeks) but he must be at his next stop by their date.

If you are a teacher in Australia/New Zealand and would like DUsquirrel to visit, please check the months he will be in your state and make a booking on his sheet.

I have also started searching the net to find other toys travelling their state, country or world. Check these out:

Tommy the travelling Teddy
Ed the bear
Eddie everywhere
Salt and Peppa
Magnie the whale
Rohi the kea

Do you know of any other travelling toys we could add to this list?

7 thoughts on “Travelling Toy Bloggers – Coming to a School Near You!

  1. I have a dragon called Puff who travels with me. He has recently been across Arizona and goes around the world with the Royal Air Force too. You can follow him @furryfamiliesuk I will be branching out to other animals soon!

  2. Hello,
    I came across your website and found your articles on travel interesting. I just had a couple of questions so if you could e-mail me back that would be great!

  3. Dear Miss W,

    We love Davo! The kids become so observant and creative about thinking through the normal things they do everyday, and realize how fun it is, especially when they view it from Davo’s eyes! The kids also enjoy the challenge of changing their story from their first person narration to Davo’s point of view. It’s absolutely dynamic!

    We’ll need to share him with others, but I know my district will be asking for him to come back and visit us again. Thanks so much for starting this!

    Warm regards,

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