The Unsung Heroes of the Edublog Awards

It’s the Edublog Award time of year again and you can check out all the short listed nominations here.

Congratulations to all those that made it onto the short listed nominations and apologies to all those whose site or nominated sites don’t make it – it’s always a very tough decision!

But what I’d like to talk about, and thank, are all the unsung heroes of what we do!

Because behind each and every one of us that works hard at doing what we do and supporting others there are husbands, wives, children, students and administrators who are extremely patient and understanding.

So here’s my thanks!

For all those times:

  • I’ve destroyed dinner (almost set fire to the kitchen)
  • Been distracted while you’re talking (and focusing on something else)
  • I’ve suddenly vanished (to suddenly be located on my computer)
  • Worked through the night (while trying hard to not let any one notice)
  • For the weird places I’ve been tweeting/IMing from (when I REALLY shouldn’t have)
  • and all the other things I’ve probably done and left out

— thanks to my husband and children for being understanding.

And for each and everyone that supports what we all do — thanks!

None of us could do it with out your support!

Hopefully this also inspires each and everyone of us to make time to thank those that support us….

PS don’t tell my husband I stayed up too late writing this post 😎

11 thoughts on “The Unsung Heroes of the Edublog Awards

  1. Dear Sue and the Edublogs Team,

    I want to thank you for all you do to serve others, and for the sacrifices of time that you give to help raise awareness for what helps learners. You give all year long, but especially during this time.

    You are appreciated, and I thank your families for supporting you!

    Kind regards,

  2. Wonderful perspective for your efforts and for all of ours. We are a connected community in so many ways we rarely realize.

    THANKS for your hard work (and the unsung heroes too)

    1. @Ronnie, most usual was sitting in the back of a car in middle of night, after missing the connecting flight, in Atlanta, Georgia IMing a developer to sort out an issue with a site in Australia. And you definitely don’t want to know the most usual ones for emails and tweets 🙁

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