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Yesterday was historic for any fan of college football in the US. It marked the first ever Division I college playoff games in the 100+ year history of the sport.

And wouldn’t you know, the two teams that won and will be playing for the National Championship are both CampusPress customers.

The Ohio State University Buckeyes with their service that we host.

And the Oregon Ducks with

The two teams they beat, Alabama and Florida State, don’t (yet) have networks with us. Coincidence? 😉

It was a great football year for many other CampusPress universities too, like:

We wish both the Buckeyes and Ducks well in their January 12th battle.

And perhaps this will be the proof any school needs to get their athletic departments to help pay for web services with us.

(I’m looking at you, – time for my Longhorns to have a good season next year!)

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