The Edublogger’s USA Adventure… to NECC and Beyond!

For those that aren’t aware I’m off on an USA adventure for 3 weeks, from June 21 to July 13, to attend NECC 2009 and network with people.

What these means is:

  1. I would love to catch up with anyone attending NECC that wants to chat or ask questions
    • You’ll find me at NECC unplugged
    • Send me a tweet using twitter @suewaters
    • Leave a comment on this post to coordinate a time
  2. Probably less posts on this blog during July
  3. Less access to provide support in Edublogs Forum
  4. I may not always make sense due to tiredness caused by insomnia, jet lag and traveling
    • Well known for suffering extreme insomnia when I travel
    • Mere 23 hours traveling to USA (due to stop over in Brisbane for 3 days) and 31 hours return from USA to Perth, Western Australia
  5. Chances are I will get lost – there is a reason why my husband says I’m ‘geographically challenged’

Following My Adventures

Unlikely I will blog about my adventures here on The Edublogger unless you and/or your students convince me readers would love to read about them here on this blog!

Instead you can find out what I’m doing (and if I’m lost or not sleeping) by following:

  1. my twitter account
  2. my Flickr account
  3. my Personal Blog

For those wanting to know where in USA I’m going below are all the different airports mapped out!


Thanks James for sending me!

Please feel free to share:

  1. Any traveling advice, NECC tips or ‘how not to get lost’ tips!
  2. Thoughts on topics you think people would like to hear me present on at NECC unplugged!

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22 thoughts on “The Edublogger’s USA Adventure… to NECC and Beyond!

  1. No one has offered to take me on as a charity case and send me to NECC, so I will be following your updates via twitter & your blog. You should have quite a fan club watching for you in DC. May want to hire body guards so you can get through the crowds of fans!

    I would be willing to take on the job to feed your chocolate and your favorite beverages—and line folks up for autographs.

    You have received good advice on the shoes and packing tips. My advice: Turn on that Australian accent and flash your smile, and you will get first class service! Hope your journey is fabulous…and you have great impressions of those you meet in the US.

    1. Thanks and hopefully my twittering will be worthy? Probably no one will notice me or want to talk to me. But I wish I had someone to organise my schedule.

      If I use Aussie accent will it upgrade me to first class seat?

    1. Only in Charlotte for 50 minutes while changing planes for Norfolk 🙁 . Now feeling stressed hoping that there is enough time between the arriving and departing.

  2. Just remember Sue, Perth to Sydney is about the same as LA to NYC. Also don’t worry when they are driving on the wrong side of the road and going around the roundabouts in the wrong direction. They just haven’t learnt the correct way to drive yet … lol

  3. Hi Sue,
    I will not be able to be at NECC, but I live in Houston and will be in Atlanta for most of the time you will be in the States. Are you giving some presentations in those cities, or just passing through?

  4. Sue, I’m coming to NECC after all – and am can’t wait to meet you f2f! I’ll be happy to check the forum – for questions I know the answers to;-)


    1. Hi Gail, great news about you going to NECC — will be excellent to catch up (provided I don’t get lost). Whatever help you can do in the forum would be excellent. There is a lot of flying time during that three weeks.

  5. Hi Sue,
    I am so looking forward to meeting you. I will be there sometime on Saturday. I live in Canada now (married a french canadian) but am originally from the states. I lived in San Diego, Ca (which is south of Los Angelos for High School and College. If you were going to SD, Ca I’d have lots of places for you to visit. However, I do know a bit about D.C. My husband and I lived in Maryland for a few years and on Sundays we would drive to D.C. pick a museum on the Mall (they are all free) and spend the day visiting. We would end the day in Georgetown for supper. Georgetown is on the Potomac river and a very cute area.
    This will be my first time at NECC and am so excited about meeting people.

    1. I believe I will be arriving at NECC on the Sunday but can’t confirm. Visiting other people prior to NECC and am fitting in with their travel plans. Unfortunately couldn’t fit California in because the trip was planned really quickly and time was short.

      Me too – also my first time and really looking forward but feel a bit anxious at the idea of traveling etc. Make sure you grab me so we can chat!

  6. Have a fun trip! I will be close by in Maryland, but not close enough :(! I think you will have a lot of fun and will keep up with your personal blog to hear about the adventures. I’m sure you have heard every advice on jetlag and illness. However, my sister swears by Airborne to prevent sickness. Also, US airports make you take off your shoes, so you may want to wear shoes you can easily slip off.

      1. Unfortunately, I am not joking about the shoes 🙁
        My international friends constantly tell me how much they dislike the airplane security measures in US. Plan to be checked, including your bags. They will leave you a nice little note, though, saying they checked it. On this note do not wear metal- earrings, belt buckle, lots of zippers. You will be delayed. Many say to also make paper copies of your passport just in case it gets lost.
        No matter what you will have some jet lag. However, the practical advice in this article I have used and has helped a lot. I would also recommend investing in one of those shoulder pillows, a great set of ear phones (I’ve traveled with crying babies for 10 hours), ear popping plugs, small hand sanitizer, small tissues, and a sleeping mask to fall asleep on the plane. Carry a small bag to put under your chair that has a paperback book, laptop, & all listed above so you don’t have to reach in the bin constantly. Hope this helps!

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