The Edubloggers’ Guide to Connected Educator Month 2013


Happy October 1st!

Today marks the beginning of the second annual ‘Connected Educator Month’ – 100’s of free events and learning opportunities for us all.

To be honest, when you first visit the website, it can be a bit overwhelming. There’s loads of information and it can be hard to know where to start.

So, here’s our quick guide to help make sure you get the most out of CEM…

Step 1: Register for Emails

Just go here and add your email address.

You’ll get regular updates on events and ideas from the CEM team.

Step 2: Join edConnectr

Create a free profile – a social network for educators is the place to collaborate, get help, and connect!

Step 3: Check out the Calendar

The CEM calendar is full of events, webinars, chats, podcasts and more.

Be sure to use the search and filter tools on the right side to help narrow down the list and find your favorites.

Step 4: Consider a Book Club

There are five different books to choose from that will be read between now and December.

The most intriguing part of the clubs are opening and closing webinars with the books’ authors.

Using groups in the edConnectr community, there will be ongoing discussions around the books as well.

Step 5: Bring a Friend!

One of the challenges of any online PD or learning experience for educators is that often, those that would benefit the most aren’t already on twitter, reading blogs, or participating in a way to even find out about it.

Ask a fellow educator to join you in a webinar or book club – the most powerful connections can still come from the classroom right next door!

Step 6: Share Your Experiences

Just as with students, reflection and taking time to follow-through are incredibly valuable in our learning.

Here are a few ways you can reflect and share:

  • write a blog post (get a free blog here!)
  • share thoughts and ideas on twitter (use the hashtag #ce13)
  • take time in a faculty or team meeting for sharing
  • participate in discussion on edConnectr

What Did We Miss?

Let us know in the comments below if you have advice or feedback!

Happy Connected Educator Month!

2 thoughts on “The Edubloggers’ Guide to Connected Educator Month 2013

  1. On Tuesday September 8th at 4pm, Melbourne Australia time, Sue Wyatt who organises the Student Blogging Challenges will be guest presenter on Tech Talk Tuesday free webinar. This is highly in keeping with Connected Educator month as blogging is an essential way to connect. Please join us and share in the conversations. Here is the link to join and check out your time zone at

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