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The Edublogger just had its first birthday which makes:

PS Sorry but celebrations ran a bit due to waiting new birthday clothes — come and check them out! What do you think of The Edublogger’s new blog theme?

Story Behind The Blog

Was The Edublogger my idea?  Nope! It was all James Farmer originating from this email on January 4, 2008:

I’d like to float something with you, and see what you think of it.

As you know I’m a big fan of your work… I love the way you illustrate ideas, communicate with your readers, pick topics and… well, just about everything really.

What I’d like to float with you is the possibility of you doing the kind of stuff you already do so well, but doing it at a central place within Edublogs, and having it promoted throughout the site.  It would entirely focused around you… you’d be entirely independent to criticize, rave or write about whatever at will…

From this The Edublogger was set up, by Edublogs, to share tips, tricks, ideas that help the educational blogging community.  With it my role working for Edublogs increased; from writing posts on The Edublogger to being employed 3 days a week in 2009.

Lets Celebrate!

To celebrate The Edublogger’s first birthday we’re giving away twelve Edublogs supporter 12 month subscriptions which you can use on your own blog or give away to a reader.  Just write a post based on any of the topics themes listed below:

  1. Advice for doing blog makeovers i.e. improving your blog
  2. Tips for using blogs with students
  3. Using tools like VoiceThread, Voki, mystudiyo, Animoto, SlideShows, Google Documents with students and embedding in blogs posts
  4. Advice for writing better blog posts
  5. What makes good comments or commenting tips
  6. Images in blog posts
  7. Tips for building blog audience
  8. Ideas for getting educators involved with using web technology
  9. Favorite blog widgets
  10. Images generators (e.g. sign generators, newspaper generators), avatars, online graph tools etc that you can use with students
  11. Advice on setting up or using class blogs
  12. Tips for connecting with other classrooms

Anyone can enter, including students, but you must include in your post which topic you are writing about and link back to this post so that we receive a pingback advising us that you have written the post (read this to understand What’s A Pingback? And How To Write Links). For example you might copy the following into the bottom of your post and just change the topic enclosed in the qutoation marks:

This post has been written on “tips for using blogs with students” as part of The Edublogger’s Birthday Celebration Competition!

The best post for each topic wins and you can submit posts for as many topics you like.  You have until March 5 to enter.

If you are enjoying reading this blog, please consider Subscribing For Free!



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  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! lets celebrate! I wrote/published the what kids like Question.

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    • Thanks David – what do you think would be the best way I celebrated in real life?

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  11. Happy belated birthday edublog. Im a bit late in this but thought I should just say it.

    • anightinmyhammock
    • Definitely never too late considering I was about 2 weeks late in getting the post published to celebrate it – was waiting for my new party dress.

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  13. A well deserved celebration – I hope you are celebrating this milestone offline too! This blog has become one of my must-reads. Congratulations Sue.

    • Thanks Leo – yes I should have celebrated it offline but somehow I don’t think my family would understand – but they might have enjoyed a cake? Glad it is in your must read list.

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  17. Hi Sue,
    As a rather recently new reader of your blog I am pleased to learn I have not missed out on years and years of posts. Pardon me while I continue to read backwards and keep up the great work.

    • No problem Doug, though it may take you some time to work backwards 🙂

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