Tell A Story – #EdublogsClub Prompt 16

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Oral histories are how society passes on cultural beliefs and experiences. In the modern day, blogging has become a surrogate for those histories.

Stories interpret our experiences and help others learn about the worlds around them. They help us connect on an emotional level and create empathy.

Beginning a blog post with a story has also shown to be one of the best ways to engage a reader and build an audience.

Prompt: Write a post that tells a story. 

Tell a story about a time in your career as an educator that you want to share. It can be a positive memory, a time you wish you could change the outcome, a student you remember, or just a class lesson you want to share.

Happy blogging!

18 thoughts on “Tell A Story – #EdublogsClub Prompt 16

    1. Hey Melanie,
      You’re a champion blogger. Time is irrelevant. It’s fantastic you’re getting through this topics. Your writing is always so interesting. I enjoyed your story and left a comment.
      ~ Kathleen

    1. Hi Alicia, I loved your story about trust in a so personal and delicate matter as awakening the pleasure of reading in a young person.

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