Student Privacy – #EdublogsClub Prompt 8

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Last week’s prompt on listicles seemed to be a hit. And please keep the posts from previous weeks coming. This week, we are going to delve into a little heavier, but important, topic

Protecting student privacy comes in a variety of forms. Most people think about student privacy in terms of student grades. However, we also need to think about the different types of online privacy that students have. Striking the balance between sharing classroom activities and keeping students’ safe online can be confusing and a challenge.

This week, we discuss the different types of strategies and concerns involving student privacy both in the hallways and on the internet.

Prompt: Write a post about student privacy.

Should student work be public on the web? Why or why not?

How do you evaluate the tools that you use in your classroom when it comes to student privacy?

Do you have a favorite resource or video that discusses this topic?

Do you have tips or rules that you use with your students relating to identifable information?

Do you have any other ideas, rants, or questions about student privacy you wish to discuss?

I can’t wait to learn from everyone with this topic. Remember to share a link in the comments below.

Happy blogging!

24 thoughts on “Student Privacy – #EdublogsClub Prompt 8

    1. I was really touched by your post. Sure a great deal of it dealt with the usual discussions on the matter, but you also talked about ,asking the decision to openly talk about your struggles because the process was health and healing for you. You are a brace woman and I applaud you. Greatest success to you!
      Rachelle Turner

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