Skitch for iPad: Annotation using an iPad made easy

Being able to quickly annotate screenshots and images is an essential part of my work.

So it’s exciting to see Skitch, the service that allows you to quickly annotate, edit and share screenshots and images, release their Skitch for iPad app today.

This is an invaluable app, for those like me, looking for fast ways to annotate images on their iPad.

Key features are:

  • Similar to the Mac version, Skitch for iPad includes an arrow tool, text tool, drawing tool, shapes tool, crop tool and a cursor tool.
  • Ability to import an image, take a photo, create your own drawing, browser a web page and take a screenshot and annotate a map using the inbuilt Google Maps interface.
  • Extensive share options including share by mail, Twitter, save to camera role and full integration with Evernote.
  • It’s free to download.  Read more about Skitch for iPad here.

Skitch has been available for Android users since August and if you’re an Andriod user you can read more here.

Check it out!

Here’s a screenshot annotated using Skitch’s iPad app:

It’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use.

Here are some tips to help you with its main annotation tools:

Final thoughts

This is definitely an app worth checking out!

My favorite apps include:

  1. DropBox – for sharing files across multiple computer, devices and with work colleagues
  2. Flipboard – for reading links shared via twitter
  3. IM+ – for instant messaging using Gtalk
  4. Instapaper – for reading items bookmarked on my computer on my iPad
  5. Kindle – for ebook reading
  6. Reeder – for reading RSS via Google Reader
What are your favourite apps?  What apps do you recommend for education?

6 thoughts on “Skitch for iPad: Annotation using an iPad made easy

  1. Thanks Sue, just wondering if your are able to record voice annotation as well with Skitch? We are looking for an app that students can take a photo with then draw and record their voice explaining what is occuring.

    1. Hi Julie, I don’t think you can with Skitch but if you use Evernote in combination with Skitch you can. Evernote allows you to add voice information and it is very popular with educators who have 1-to-1 laptop programs. Would you like some more information on how educators are using Evernote?

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  4. Skitch looks like a great tool, but only works on Intel-based Macs running 0S X 10.6 or later.

    For older powerpc-based Macs OS X 10.4 or earlier, CocoPad is a good basic annotation tool for anything that can be displayed on the Mac desktop.

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