Sharing Lesson Plans Made Easy With LearnBoost

Earlier today, the good people over at LearnBoost announced a new feature that makes it a breeze to share lesson plans right from LearnBoost to your Edublogs site.

You can read more about LearnBoost’s free gradebook, lesson plans, and other offerings, as well as watch videos and get help on how lesson plan sharing is done on their site.

You may have also heard about them on the Free Tools Challenge blog a few months back.

But I wanted to briefly share a few reasons why this new sharing feature is so very useful and something we are excited about.

Several options to share lesson plans with LearnBoost

The last couple of years in my middle school classroom as a teacher, I was lucky enough to have a projector in my room that made it easy to display my computer screen for the class.

The first thing I did each and every day as students would walk into class was place my blog up on the screen with a daily post that outlined what we were doing in class. Often, it would include some sort of starter activity that students could get working on immediately.

But I’ll be honest, as much as I love blogs, there was much more that I wanted to do with sharing my plans with students each day.

That’s where LearnBoost comes in.

Now you can publish a detailed post to your blog every day with what is being covered in class, AND that information will also be stored in a nice location and can easily be shared with facebook, twitter, and others.

A few other cool features:

  • Tie lessons to standards (such as the Common Core or others)
  • Share with colleagues – jump start collaboration
  • Space for reflection and feedback after lesson is complete

If you have a LearnBoost account, which is free to get, you’ll see the lesson plan book and sharing features from your dashboard.

You only need to connect your LearnBoost account once with Edublogs and then sharing from then on is a breeze.

What do you think?

Is this lesson plan sharing feature something you think you might like to use?

8 thoughts on “Sharing Lesson Plans Made Easy With LearnBoost

  1. Ronnie,
    Thanks for informing me about this new tool. I use a lot of collaboration with other teachers, so I think this will help us communicate easier. I’m excited to introduce this new tool to my coworkers as well.

  2. wonderful issues altogether, you simply won a new reader.
    I think sometimes it’s better to sit at school now.

    Thanx Willem

  3. Hi Ronnie,

    Thanks for letting us know about this feature. I am currently working with some teachers on building curriculum for digital citizenship (more like adapting curriculum). So, I’m giving LearnBoost a try. It’s easy to use and it nicely organizes it.

    I see some great potential with this tool. I noticed that it also can also work with Google Apps, another bonus.

    What I first wondered is if teachers would post the lessons on a different blog or on pages, or if they would write the lessons in student-friendly format? I’m still thinking about that one.

    I also noticed my posts are not showing as the most recent at the top. It is the reverse. Is that a Tracy pressed something she shouldn’t have, or is it by the date of the lesson?

    Thanks again for this post to let us know about LearnBoost’s sharing feature.

    Kind regards,

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