Share Your Tips For Creating and/or Finding Images For Blog Posts

Image of Site BlockedProblem! You want to use Creative Commons images with your students but can’t access Flickr because its blocked at your school.

What options does this leave you? Especially if it needs to be student-safe. Unfortunately this scenario is faced by many educators as highlighted by tilgunas comment on Finding and Adding Creative Commons Images To Your Blog Posts.

I’m thinking we need to be creative in these situations to also consider image generators, comic generators and photo editing tools for creating images. So can you please share student-safe tools that educators could use, other than Flickr, such as:

  • Other sources of creative commons images
  • Image Generators
  • Comic Generators
  • Online Photo Editors

Photo by by Za3tOoOr! licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic.

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31 thoughts on “Share Your Tips For Creating and/or Finding Images For Blog Posts

  1. Hi Sue,
    so everything is going wonderfully well with my blogs I find I can do almost all the things the kids ask ,however, just recently no matter what I do I cannot add images…and yes I have added images a ton of times but for some reason this feature has decided to go “DOO dally tapped” on me!
    I have tried everything including using other browsers but to no avail so can you help?
    yours gratefully

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