“Share your tips” — and win BIG!

‘Back to school’ commenced in the Northern Hemisphere. Lots of educators new to blogging are looking for advice on using blogs with their students.

It’s time we all helped them out and update our list of ‘must read’ posts on student blogging! Yes, we’ve had similar conversations BUT — with experience our ideas and advice evolve!

Off course incentive helps too! So we’re giving away sixteen Edublogs supporter 12 month subscriptions which you can use on your own blog or give away to a reader.

How To Enter

Competition is open to any one — experienced blogger, new to blogging, student bloggers.

Just write a post based on any of the topics themes listed below:

  1. What are your 5 most important tips for educators starting out blogging with students?
  2. When you first started blogging what aspects of blogging worked well? What has caused problems? What would you change? — you can discuss this in terms of class, student or your own personal blogging!
  3. What are your 5 most important questions you would like to ask experienced bloggers? And why?
  4. What do you like about blogging? What have you found hard about blogging. Students – How can teachers make the process easier?

Once you’ve written your post:

  1. Leave a comment on this post letting me know you have entered, with a link to your post (plus for students your Grade/year level).
  2. Explain in your post which topic you are writing about and link back to this post so that we receive a pingback advising us that you have written the post (read this to understand What’s A Pingback? And How To Write Links).

For example you might copy the following into the bottom of your post and just change the topic enclosed in the qutoation marks:

This post has been written on “5 most important tips for educators starting out blogging with students” as part of The Edublogger’s Competition!

The four best post for each topic will win and you can submit posts for as many topics you like. And off course all winners will get a badge they can add to their blogs :)

Remember we’re looking for the best — best advice, tips, questions, most thought provoking! — here is your chance to demonstrate your blogging and creative skills! You have until September 30 to enter!

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78 thoughts on ““Share your tips” — and win BIG!

    1. I just want to add that I have helped other teachers at my school develop a new love of blogging as well. We, too will begin our own little challenge. There are probably, at least, a dozen teachers who have created blogs. They need a boost to keep going, to continue the adventure, so I thought, why not have our own little challenge. Miss W. has really set the bar to give me ideas. I am still trying to catch up on her week 3 for myself. Again, we are just getting started but you can view our progress by going to http://www.fmstechnolog.blogspot.com
      Blog on!

  1. @skorlaki1983, Peterv, Gregory Stringer and hharvey, thanks for entering the competition.

    I’ve dropped past each of your blogs and left some comments — unless they were eaten 🙁

    1. @Sue Waters, as usual, Sue you provide anyone and everyone with great advice. I did check out Lauren and Abbey’s posts already, they are great! I’m so suprised at how young they are yet how brilliant they are. It just shows you how far edtech can actually take you. And thank you for answering my questions, the reasons one blogs I think dictates the answer to most of my questions!

  2. As I stated in my post, I’m as green as a sapling when it comes to the art and science of blogging. As such, I listed some of the things that have helped me along the way.

    I don’t really know that I’m interested in winning the contest (of course, I wouldn’t turn it down if I did!), but rather, I appreciate the chance to give back when I have received so much. This entire experience has been most enriching for me, and it is my sincere hope that whatever small contribution I can make might help someone else feel a little more comfortable and perhaps remove a stumbling block from their path.

    Thank you, Edublogs, and everyone associated, for the wonderful times I am experiencing and will continue to have!

  3. Hello — I’ve posted for Question 2: When you first started blogging what aspects of blogging worked well? What has caused problems? What would you change? at http://wp.me/pijWo-3z

    I’m a middle school classroom teacher still entering the digital world and hope to read and learn from the wonderful responses. Thanks.

    1. @Sheri Edwards, Thanks for entering the competition and for the tips you shared.

      I did leave a detailed comment on your post but am now worried that the comment may not have worked as it did not say it was sent to comment moderation.

      1. @Sue Waters, I did receive your excellent referrals to help us start again this year — Thanks, Sue. You always help out with referrals to great tips. I’ll read the student blogs and look at the challenge. Sounds like fun, and a great way to start. Thanks again. Sheri

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