Share your Blogging Experience and Tips For Educators New To Blogging

Image of a tip jarWhen you’ve never blogged it can be hard to visualise how to use blogs with students.

I like to stress that the most important aspect of blogging, and where the most learning happens, is in the conversations. So I’m hoping you will write a comment on this post or write your own post (which links to this post) so we can show educators new to blogging:

  1. How these conversations work
  2. Plus provide tips and links to resources that will help them work out how to get started blogging with their students

So can you please share with us:

  • Why you blog? How does it benefit you or your work?
  • How you use blogging with your students and how it has helped them (if applicable)
  • Examples of class and/or student blogs for them to check out
  • What are your 3 most important tips for educators, new to blogging, who would like to blog with their students?

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62 thoughts on “Share your Blogging Experience and Tips For Educators New To Blogging

  1. I just started a blogging website and I’m kind of stumped on how to go about with my blog. My blog is about current event topics because I am studying to be an elementary school teacher with a concentration in History. I am going into my third year of college. I want to help educate people and give everyone across the world the chance to have access to information that they wouldn’t normally be able to access. I want to inspire change. I was thinking about offering courses and educational resources on my blog website, but I’m not sure if I need to narrow the focus of my blog. Please visit my website at: and share your thoughts! Thanks!

  2. Our school is doing a laptop test year, and our teacher gave us edublogs. We use them to communicate, answer essay and disussion questions in class, share our thoughts, and more.

  3. @Altan Thanks for telling us about your use of blogs in the classroom. Look forward to hearing how your research on blogging goes.

    @Claire Thompson thanks for providing @akelly77 excellent instructions for how to link other blogs with their blog.

    @akelly77 did you require any further information?

  4. @akelly77
    There are a number of ways to link to other blogs from your own.

    1. Sue has great directions on using the ‘Blogroll’ feature of Edublogs.

    2. The ‘Links’ widget. It allows you to generate a list of sites that you can link to. I’ve found that this widget doesn’t work in all themes though.

    3. Use the ‘Text’ widget. Using this can be a bit time consuming though as you have to write in the HTML code for all of your links. Sue has a great post called Creating Hyperlinks Using HTML that I’ve found extremely helpful, even if you don’t use it in this situation.

    4. If you use Google Reader you can create a blogroll to either go in one of your sidebars or on a separate page. I used to have my blogroll in the sidebar, but I now have it in a separate page; see here. Again, Sue has a great post on how to use Google Reader to create your blogroll.

    Hope this all helps, and good luck!

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