Share Your Advice on “Must-Have” Widgets for Class and Student Blogs

Image of Widget signDeciding which widgets to add to your blog sidebar is hard!  There is just TOO much choice…

So when Chrissy asked for advice on any “must-haves” widgets to include on her students new Room202’s class blog I thought this is an excellent opportunity for us to share ideas to help make the task of choosing widgets easier.

So can you please share with us:

  1. What are your “must-haves” widgets for class and/or students blogs? And why?
  2. What other features do you and your students like to have on your class blog  e.g. type of blog theme (2 column, 3 column, custom header, links to pages)
  3. Your Class blog URL so students from other classes can visit your blog for ideas.

Can you please also drop past Room 202’s class blog — leave a comment and your class blog URL so that Chrissy’s students can check out your class blog plus get excited by the dots increasing on their ClustrMap.

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28 thoughts on “Share Your Advice on “Must-Have” Widgets for Class and Student Blogs

  1. I am new to class blogs and am really enjoying all of the amazing possibilities out there! I do have to say that I am so very thankful that everyone is sharing all of their great ideas, i tend to spend hours reading through all of this without even noticing!

    I went to the shelfari site and LOVE the idea of it, although I have a globalstudent blog and it said that it doesn’t recognise this?? Is there something I can do to still get it onto my blog??

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