Posting images to your blog from your mobile device

Significant improvement in smartphone cameras combined with increased mobile device usage means we’re getting more people asking us for the fastest option for uploading their photos from their mobile devices to their blogs.

Here’s a few different ways you can do it!

Using a blogging app

There’s a wide range of blogging apps available for smartphones, iPads and android tablets.

They vary considerably in terms of ease of use and functionality.  You can read our review of iPad blogging apps here.

Personally I’ve found they can vary in terms of reliability – an app that works well previously can suddenly experience problems (but maybe it is me since I do have a lot of blogs connected to my apps?).

The best option for quick image upload is probably the WordPress app which you can download for free.

To be able to use any blogging app XML-RPC first needs to be enabled.

XML-RPC is automatically enabled on blogs if you are using an Edublogs Pro blog or a blog which has had extra features enabled using an Edublogs Pro blog.

If you are using an Edublogs Campus (and most likely WordPress) blog you’ll need to enable XML-RPC within your blog dashboard in Settings > Writing.

You aren’t able to enable XML-RPC on free blogs.

When adding your blog to any app you need to select the self-hosted WordPress blog option for your Edublogs or Campus blog.

Below’s a quick overview of the post interface to help you.

All you need to do is click on Add Image to insert an image into your post.

Using a mobile web browser

You can choose to write posts directly within your blog dashboard using your web browser on your iPad.

For the most part everything works pretty well except you need to be aware of the following:

  1. You can only write using the HTML editing mode as the visual editor isn’t supported by an iPad.
  2. You’ll need to use a browser like iCab mobile as most of the mobile browsers don’t support the upload of images.  Uploading images using the web browser on an Android isn’t possible.
You would use this type of option if students are sharing mobile devices and need an option that allows students to log into their own accounts.

However, there’s still a trick to inserting images using iCab mobile.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Click on the ‘Add Image’ icon
  2. Select and upload your image
  3. Click on Show next to the image you uploaded
  4. Copy the Link URL
  5. Click back in the web browser toolbar to return to your post
  6. Click on ‘img’ and paste your Link URL

Posting by email using Flickr

Posting by email to your blog using Flickr is a really cool and simple if you use Flickr.  This is a really handy option for when you’re out or if you have multiple students posting to a class blog.

All you need to do is first set up your Flickr account to upload by email to your blog.

It’s as simple as:

1.  Log into your Flickr Account.

2.  Go to Sharing and Extending tab under your Accounts.

3.  Click on More Sites and Select WordPress.

4.  Add your blog details and click Next.

5.  Click on Edit and then Select Blog Layout.
6. Choose which blog layout option you want to use.
6.  Go to Upload by email to your blog,  set up your blog and click Save.
7.  You’ll now see the email address you need to use to post to your blog.
8.  Add this email address to Contacts on your mobile device.
9.  Now all you need to do is go to Photos on your mobile device and select the photo you want to upload.
10.  Then just select Email  photo, add the Flickr email address, your subject line and your text then press Send.
  • Tip:  Only text written above the image in the email will be posted onto Flickr and your blog.
11.  Presto!  When you look at your blog you’ll now see your post.

8 thoughts on “Posting images to your blog from your mobile device

  1. Hey. Very informative your post but what can I do to post from my Nokia E71 on my blogger blog. I can’t find a browser compatible with the platform. I used to post from Opera Mini but now I can’t do that anymore. Thanks in advance.

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  5. Posterous also works very well for posting mobile pics (especially multiple photos at a time) to blogs.

    The iPhone Blogger app does a good job of posting single photos to a Blogger blog from an iPhone or iPad. And the WordPress app you mention also works with hosted blogs, not just self-hosted blogs.

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