Please Share Your Contact Details If You’re Interested In Connecting With Other Classrooms

Image of MicSo how do you find classrooms to communicate with in other countries?

Hadn’t thought of that when I wrote the Quick Start Tips For New Skype Users post but fortunately Mike and David Ashby did.

So how can we make it easier for people to connect? Well been thinking that I could set up another page on The Edublogger like the Check out These Class Blogs page but for educators wanting to connect with other classrooms via Skype.

So I was wondering if you could help me? Are you interested in connecting with other classrooms?

Can you please share with us (by leaving a comment on this post):

  1. Your name
  2. Link to a place where they can find your contact details (such as your About page) or where they can leave their contact details (e.g. link a post/page)
  3. Grade/Year level of your students
  4. Subject area (if applicable)
  5. Location/Country
  6. Timezone as UTC/GMT

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243 thoughts on “Please Share Your Contact Details If You’re Interested In Connecting With Other Classrooms

  1. Name Mr. Dustin Carson
    Grade 7
    Subjects = all elementary subjects
    Canada, Ontario

    Would love to have our global learning continue to develop and make connections world wide.

  2. We are a year 5/6 class of 9 and 10 year olds at Wairakei School in Christchurch New Zealand.
    Each day we attempt to work hard, get along with others, think and make meaningful connections in our learning.
    Please follow us as we go on our learning journey this year.

    If your would like to skype us please do so. We are looking at leadership at the moment, in light of the recent earthquake that shook our city Christchurch.
    Room 5 Wairakei is our skype name and you can see us at

  3. I am a French teacher in Marcellus, NY. I teach lvels III, IV, and V and would love to skype with a classroom in any part of the Francophone world.

  4. Murchison Middle School in Austin, Texas is creating a Skype lab for our students. We are currently seeking another class/school with Skype (video preferred) capabilities to get us started with the program. Below are the organizations and the applicable grade levels that are participating in this program. We are in the Central Time Zone. Please message me if interested.

    International Baccalaureate Students (6, 7, or 8)

    Exploratory Languages (6)

    Spanish (7,8)

    French (7,8)

    German (7,8)

    Chinese (7,8)

    English as a Second Language (6-8, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Portugese spoken)

    and on and on. Let me know what your school’s needs are and I can probably accomodate.


    Ben Newton ([email protected])

    1. Hi Lisa, we’re a Year 5/6 class in New Zealand. We’d be keen to be a skype buddy or blog buddy and comment on your blog.
      skype room.5.wairakei

  5. 1. Your name: Samara Madden
    2. Link
    3. Grade/Year level of your students: Grade 2 Class
    4. Subject area (if applicable) All- Primary
    5. Location/Country: Australia, Melbourne

    We would love to connect with other classrooms- does not have to be grade 2! Our school term in 2011 starts on Feb 1st and the student will be blogging within the first week.
    We would also love to link up with other classes who are keen to skype and keen to make regular connections with our classroom!

  6. Billy Goodman
    [email protected]
    high school environmental science
    Interested in skyping with classrooms around the world about population, sustainability, local environmental conditions, etc.
    New Jersey
    Eastern (USA) time zone