Photos – #EdublogsClub Prompt 4

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You may have seen last week that we published an update to our popular post, The Educator’s Guide To Copyright, Fair Use, And Creative Commons. Adding images to your posts can be an important tool in building interest and emphasizing your content.

Sometimes an entire post can be just an image.

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Prompt: Write a post that includes an image.

Here are some additional ideas that can help you flesh this post out:

  • You may choose to make this a simple image post, with nothing more than a caption or title
  • You may share a favorite photo editing tool or source for images
  • You may like to discuss a story that relates to a photo
  • You may have tips for using phones or a camera to take better photos

Feel free to write about anything related to a photo, photos, images, copyright, or anything that peaks your interest.

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48 thoughts on “Photos – #EdublogsClub Prompt 4

    1. Wow, I am not sure why you would have felt daunted by other posts, yours was so good! It was awesome to see that you are using QR codes with your students, giving them access to the book trailers. I am also excited to check out the online tools that you shared for teachers to use. Thanks for the great information!

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