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Free voice and video calls using Skype is great for talking with authors, experts, peer classrooms, language classes, and more.

This is why we created the Skype Other Classrooms list — to help educators make connections with other classes interested in having Skype conversations.

And over the past 2 years since the Skype Other Classrooms list was first created in 2008 — it’s been very popular.

But it has needed serious updating.

Like with class blog list I’ve looked at how else can I make it a better resource?

Embedding Google Doc

Embedded Google Doc

Firstly, I needed to make it easier to quickly add new contacts to the list.

Embedding a Google Doc into the page means I’m able quickly update the list while making it easier to sort by time zone, country, grade and subject area.

Updated all contacts

Next I’ve checked all contact details on the list and removed any that:

  1. Aren’t obvious if they’re still interested in connecting
  2. Haven’t supplied enough details for other educators to easily connect

And off course, made sure all new contact details submitted were added to the list.

Please check the updated Skype Other Classrooms list if you had previously left your contact details and let me know if I need to update your details.

Also apologies if your details were removed by mistake — it was hard to work out who is still interested in connecting.

Are you on the list?

I’m now closing off the original Please Share your contact details post so I can make the Skype other classroom submissions manageable.

If you would like your contact details to be added to our Skype Other Classrooms list leave a comment to share with us:

  1. Your name
  2. Preferred method(s) of contact such as email address, Twitter name, Skype username or blog URL
  3. Blog URL or Website URL (optional) – makes easier for others to know more about you and your class plus helps us work out when we update the list if you are still interested in connecting
  4. Grade(s) of your students
  5. Subject areas you are interested in making connections for
  6. Your Country and State (or Province)
  7. Your timezone in UTC/GMT (refer to the Skype Other Classrooms list if you are unsure)
  8. Whatever information you will like to share with other educators to help them understand the types of Skype connections you are wanting to make (optional)

And don’t forget to check out The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Skype effectively in the classroom if you are new to using Skype!

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  1. Me llamo Manuel Castellano. Soy maestro en una escuela de Zaragoza, en España. Mis alumnos tienen 11-12 años. Creo que el intercambio de correspondencia entre escuelas es un maravilloso recurso del que los chicos/as pueden aprender mucho. Estoy buscando escuelas interesadas en este tipo de intercambio. He preparado con mis alumnos una carta de presentación para que podáis conocernos y saber dónde vivimos. La podréis ver en este enlace:
    También, para conocernos un poco, podéis visitar nuestro blog:
    mail de contacto: [email protected]

    • Manuel Castellano
  2. Hi! I am a 4th grade teacher in Farmington, MN. I am interested in being included on the Skype Other Classrooms List. I am interested in 4th grade classrooms, elementary STEM/STEAM, or Gifted and Talented classes. Our available time is 9-3 CST.

    • Hi Jae,
      Thanks for getting in touch and leaving your details!

      • Kathleen Morris
  3. Hello I’m trying to contact primary schools in England, USA or any other english speaking country in order to speak english with real english people so my student of primary can have the chance to listen and to speak english and know english habits.

  4. Nagiha Sahyouni
    [email protected]
    Year 7-10
    History, Commerce, Heroes and Villains
    Australia, NSW, Sydney
    Australian Eastern Time Zone UTC+10:00
    Interested in skyping with historians, archaeologists, those who work at a museum- ANYTHING HISTORY RELATED!

    • or those who work in a business for my commerce unit, and marketing experts!

  5. We would like to be added to this list.

    Adam O’Hanlon
    [email protected]
    2nd grade classroom
    We are interested in all topics, but especially science, social studies, and connecting with students of other states/countries
    Killeen, Texas in the United States
    GMT – 5 (CST)

    We are open to anything. Giving the students opportunities to build background knowledge and experiences that they otherwise may not be able to get is our main goal.

    • Adam O'Hanlon
  6. We would love to be added to the Skype list!

    Jessica Vogen
    [email protected]
    6th grade Reading and 5-8th grade Science
    Science and Reading
    GMT – 6 (CST)
    Wanting to converse about related topics we’re studying and help the students learn from each other!

  7. Hi, please add me to your list. At present I am teaching English in a lycée in France, my students are aged from 15 to 19 years old, and would love to have a class in any anglophone region of the world to team up with – I have four separate classes, so would like to hear from several people. My students need to practise their English!
    I am teaching in the south of France, Montpellier, and our time zone is GMT +1.
    It is probably best to contact us by email for a first contact. Looking forward to hearing from you and to a productive and collaborative relationship!

    • Emanwela Edwins Lowry
  8. I am looking for a classroom to blog/skype with! Our class has started a Winter Wardrobe Challenge for January! We are timing ourselves put on and take off our winter layers! Florida has very strange weather. We are looking for a class from somewhere that is cold all winter to compare via Skype/blog posts!

    Meagan Schmidt-Teacher first grade
    [email protected] (primary email)
    http://www.teachingwithintentions.blogpot.com (class blog)
    First Grade-18 students
    Fruit Cove, Florida
    Eastern Standard time zone

    • Meagan Schmidt
  9. Mrs. Blythe
    [email protected]
    3rd/4th grade combo class
    would love to connect for any and all subjects
    USA California
    working in a low income community – would love for students to have the opportunity to be exposed to students in other regions of the country, and the world – would be willing to partner with a teacher who wants to have our students work collaboratively and share their finish compositions, research projects, etc. – seems like a great way for students to get peer review and feedback

  10. I think my class Skype name is teacher Spiegel

  11. 4th grade Gladwyne elementary
    All subjects
    Rachel-Spiegel Skype name

    Please add me so we can Skype

  12. [email protected] –Skype: Rnevans343 — @evans5th — http://www.trevans5th.blogspot.com
    5th grade — all content
    Looking to connect with others around the country and world — mystery Skype, content sharing — book talks — anything to connect with others.

  13. Mi clase de 5º de primaria (10-11 años) trabaja mucho con el blog de aula donde todo está escrito por mis alumnos.
    Son 23 cicos y chicas de la ciudad de Zaragoza en España. Me gustaría que mis alumnos realizaran alguna actividad de colaboración en CASTELLANO con una aula de algún país de habla hispana. Creo que puede ser una forma muy interesante de aprender.

    • Manuel Castellano Roig
  14. Matthew Gudenius
    [email protected]
    Skype: matthew.gudenius
    K-6 Computer and Gifted/Talented Classes
    Calistoga, CA (Pacific Time Zone)

    I’m looking to collaborate in a variety of ways, possible for various grade levels, topics, subjects, or activities.

    • Matthew Gudenius
  15. Amanda Talantis
    [email protected]
    Skype username amanda.talantis
    7th & 8th grade
    Alabama, U.S.
    Central time zone
    I’m looking for classrooms in Spanish-speaking countries that would like to have Pen Pals with my students.

    • Amanda Talantis
    • I added you and I hope our students will be able to skype. By the way my students are 9th grade and from Turkey.

  16. I am interested is being put on the list. My info:

    [email protected]
    ( I prefer initial contact to be by email but prefer Skype as form of classroom communication)


    I am interested in any subject area.

    St. Louis, MO – Central Time Zone

    • Debbie Schatteman
  17. Hi, my name is Nassain Turvey and I’m teaching a wonderful class of year 4’s this year in fabulous Secret Harbour, Western Australia (GMT+8)! We’d love to be involved in using Skype with other classrooms. Preferred method of contact is either through our class blog (mrsturvey.edublogs.org) or email ([email protected]). We are interested in making connections across all subjects, but especially reading and sharing our love of books and being involved in collaborative projects. Can’t wait to meet you! 🙂 Mrs T

  18. dear Skype classroom I have never been on this website before so i m just going to say hello this is C you should check out our blog and see all of our cool Cyber saftey vidios. All you have to do is go on the blog and click on our Cyber saftey page and check it out i ll tell you the numbers and words to get onto the blog http//kwebb.edublogs.org well got to go from C <3

  19. Hi!

    I am a middle school librarian working with my 6th grade team on a folklore unit. Students have been reading and writing pieces (weekly) on the “sub genres” of folklore (fairy tales, myths, tall tales, etc.) The culmination of our unit will be either slide shows or movies of original work written and produced by teams of 2 or 3 using Macromedia flash (or similar). We have approximately 100 students in the grade, so the end product should be about 30 pieces of work.

    The classroom teachers are going to e-pal/share work with students from San Diego and Austrailia – and I’m interested in Skyping with either another librarian/class, or a 6th grade teacher/class (in a similar sort of fashion) on the same topic.

    Anyone interested????


    Lisa Cotter
    East Hampton Middle School
    76 Newtown Lane
    East Hampton, NY 11937
    [email protected]

    LET’S DO IT!

    • Elisabeth Cotter
  20. Shauna Hamman
    Twitter: @shammanaj, Skype: mrs.hamman
    The best way to contact me would be to leave a comment on our blog: http://blogs.goaj.org/mrshamman/
    Fifth grade (age 10-11)
    Arizona (GMT -7:00)
    We could Skype about any subject. One thing we really enjoy is Mystery Skype; students exchange clues about their location and guess where the other class is.

  21. Grade: High School (9-12)

    Subject: Spanish

    Tennessee, USA
    GMT-5 (EST)

    I teach various levels of Spanish and would love to connect with a class from a Spanish-speaking country who is learning English. I would also be interested in connecting with other classes who are learning Spanish.

    My email is [email protected]

    • Ashley Wallace
  22. I would like to be addded to the list!

    My name is Rachel Schadel. I teach third grade. I have a class of 19 students. I have been trying to implement PBL. I would love to partner up with another class and have us work on a PBL together. I would also just like to skype another classroom to have my students be exposed to varoius cultures and classsrooms.]
    email: [email protected]
    My skype name: rachel.schadel
    Time Zone: EST
    Location: Cincinnati, OH

    • Rachel Schadel
  23. I am interested in being on this list
    Sarah Soltau-Heller
    Skype name: mrssoltauheller
    Twitter: @Soltauheller
    Our class blog is http://sarahjane.edublogs.org/
    We are in Grade 1 & would like to chat about most topics or any. We are interested in projects that we can connect and work together on
    we are in British Columbia, Canada
    Our time zone is Pacific (PST)

  24. Hello, everyone,
    I teach a group of 7/8 form students English at a distance school. The students use Skype a lot. Now that they have joined the Students blogging challenge, they are so enthusiastic about collaboration with others.
    Can you add our class to the list, please.
    My Skype name is ttcher0908
    We are from Moscow, Russia.

  25. I would absolutely loved to be added to the Skype list! This is such an awesome idea!

    -my Skype username: pepinalex

    -my class twitter: @MsPepin

    -I teach middle school (7th/8th grade) social studies in a school district just outside of the city of St. Louis, MO (USA)…we have about 12-15 students per class

    -We would love to collaborate with other schools around the USA and the world! We love technology and making it a part of our daily learning environment

    -CST zone

  26. I would love to add my class to the Skype list
    My Skype user name is carol.frego
    My class blog is http://carol44.edublogs.org/
    We are a group of 21 students from upstate NY in the foothills of the Adirondacks, a small rural PreK to grade 12 school with a total population of approximately 325 students.

    We are interested in integrating technology across all content areas, learning about the world and the cultures unique to our universe.
    EST time
    I look forward to hearing from you and please stop by.

  27. Hi There,
    We’d love to be added to the skype classrooms list.
    My Skype username is paulinequealy and our class blog URL is http://www.year6classof2011.edublogs.org
    We are a Year 6 class – 11 & 12 year olds.
    The subject areas we are interested in making connections in are HSIE, English and Maths.
    We’re in Sydney, NSW, Australia and Our time Zone is GMT+10
    We are on holidays now and Term 2 commences Wednesday April 27. In Term two we are studying Antarctica.
    Thanks very much.

    • Pauline Quealy
  28. Please add me to the list.

    Kim Monroe
    Computer Lab Teacher
    Grades 1-8
    Galloway Twp, NJ 08205 USA
    Open to any ideas across multiple grade levels and subjects.

  29. Hi there,

    I would like to have my class added to the Skype list.

    Mrs. Webb-Scheers
    Blog URL: http://kwebb.edublogs.org
    Grade 4
    All subject areas
    Canada, New Brunswick
    AST (atlantic Standard Time)

    Mrs. Webb-Scheers

    • Hi Charles,

      I am a middle school librarian working with my 6th grade team on a folklore unit. It is too extensive to describe here, but essentially we are sharing our (written) work with other schools, when available. Our target date for finished products/assessment is mid-March 2012 – any interest?

      “Lisa” Cotter
      East Hampton Middle School
      76 Newtown Lane
      East Hampton, NY 11937
      [email protected]

      • Elisabeth Cotter