Our Class blog list has been improved – Is Your Class Blog on the List?

The idea was simple!

Create a class blog list for educators to use as a resource to get ideas for their own class blog and make connections with classes in other countries.

Now over 2 years later since the class blog list was first created in 2008:

  1. It’s still growing
  2. It’s the most visited page on this blog

But like all good ideas it does take work 😎

So it’s now been updated to ensure that it does remain current and contain resources that are helpful.

This update I’ve looked at how else can I make it a better resource?

New Categories

Improved Categories

Firstly, I wanted to make it easier for you to find the class blogs for the grades and/or subjects you teach.

So I’ve improved the categories to better separate:

  1. Primary / Elementary into each Grade level
  2. Secondary / High into subject areas.

Updated All Blogs

Checked all blogs current

Next, I’ve checked every blog on the list and removed any that have been:

  1. Deleted
  2. No longer exist
  3. Are no longer active (haven’t updated within 6 months)
  4. Have changed their privacy from public to private.

And off course, made sure all new blogs submitted were added to the list.

Class Blogging Since ?

Blogging since icon

Finally. with over 200 class blogs on the list, I wanted to make a way for you to be able to quickly scan the list while learning more about the age of specific blogs.

So I’ve added an icon next to the older class blogs to show how long that blog has been used as a class blog for.

For example, Class blogging since 2004 means the blog has been used for class blogging since 2004 whereas a blog with Class blogging since 2009 has been used as a class blog since 2009.

I’m sure others, like myself, will be amazed at how long some of these blogs have been used for class blogging!

Is your Class blog on the List?

You can check out the more information about each class blog in these post:

I’ve now had to close off comments on both those posts so I can make the class blog submissions manageable again.

If you want to add your class blog to this list (or update your class blog details) leave a comment on this post to share with us:

  1. Your Class Blog name(s) and URL(s).
  2. Approximate age of students
  3. What category does the blog belong to?  Primary, Secondary, Vocational Education and Training, College, University, Home School?  If applicable. what subject areas?  Refer to the category list on Our check out Class blogs page.
  4. Country
  5. Age of class blog.  Blogging since?
  6. Feel free to add other information as educators do refer to comments left to connect with other class blogs!

Please check the Check out Class Blogs list first before providing updated information.

Here’s an example of the type of information needed:

Example of the information required

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111 thoughts on “Our Class blog list has been improved – Is Your Class Blog on the List?

  1. We would be delighted to be on your list: Year 7 and 8 (10 and 11 year olds) Auckland, New Zealand. We use Google to manage our student email and website. It’s really taken off! We have made graphs, collaborated between classes on presentations and lots more! We allow our students to bring their own devices such as ipads and ipods. We are promoting Android in our school as it works with our open source philosophy. Come and check us out!

  2. Hi there,
    Our class blog is used by myself to give parents homework and daily updates, schedules, calendars, etc. But it is also used by the students as a way to improve their writing and connect with people around the world. We are a group of grade 1s and 2s from Regina Saskatchewan Canada. We are mostly 6 and 7 year olds.
    Danielle Maley
    W.S. Hawrylak School

  3. Hi
    We are a small school from NZ. My class is year 3,4,5 and we are blogging babies! Our site is called Mrs N-C’s Terrific Tuis and the url is http://terrifictuis.edublogs.org/
    I would love to start some global connections with schools from other countries but would also love to hear from other kiwi classes too. There isn’t much on there yet but that will all change next week when school starts for 2012!


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