New Video: What is a blog?

If you’re reading this post, well then you are visiting a blog and most likely already have a good idea of what a blog is.

But we get asked from educators a lot how to explain blogs to students, parents, and other educators.

So we made this quick intro video that we hope will be useful!

No access to YouTube? No worries, check it out on MediaCore here!

Make sure to listen for some of the key blogging vocabulary like:

  • footers
  • headers
  • menus
  • pages
  • posts
  • sidebars
  • theme
  • widgets

And feel free to share this video on your own blogs, with students or teachers, or with whomever you think may enjoy!

Happy blogging!

5 thoughts on “New Video: What is a blog?

  1. Would love to share this with students, but YouTube is blocked in NYC schools. (Vimeo works). Thanks!

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