Looking For The Latest “How To” Information For Using Edublogs?

At the end of May, Edublogs upgraded to the latest version of WordPress. Which is excellent because we now have lots of great new features in our dashboard. Unfortunately the changes meant our dashboards look quite different to the previous version of WordPress and “how to” guides, manuals and videos had to be updated.

Image of Getting Started pageUpdating information for the new version of WordPress that Edublogs uses is a lengthy process so let me tell you were it is at. Links to resources to help you in getting started with Edublogs or use with students are located on our Getting Started with Edublogs page; please let us know if you know of any resources we should add to this page.


There are “How To” manual Edublogs that you can download and refer to that provide step-by-step instructions on using Edublogs. Here are the updated versions:

Video Tutorials

There are a range of video tutorials (i.e. screencasts) on using Edublogs. Here are the latest versions:

The Edublogger posts

I’ve started editing older posts on The Edublogger to update the “how to” instructions and screenshots to ensure explanations relate to our new version of Edublogs. This is a lengthy process and isn’t complete yet. If you come across a post that hasn’t been updated, and would like it updated please let me know by leaving a comment.

What You’d Like To See Covered

Image of Covered pageWe do have a page dedicated to What You’d Like to See Covered where you can tell us what you’d like to see covered on The Edublogger. Some of the requested topics I had to hold off while Edublogs was updated to the latest version of WordPress.

I’ve now started working again on this list which is the reason for the posts:

  1. Setting Up Google Analytics on Your Blog
  2. The Basics of Using Google Analytics

Please let us know What You’d Like to See Covered!

Edublogs Forum

If readers comments relate to a post on The Edublogger I’m normally able to provide help however, in most cases, If you have any complex questions or issues please post them into the Edublogs forum so the team can provide assistance.

Before asking for help take the time to search the forum because more than likely the questions already being asked and answered.

If you can’t find the answer by searching the Forum, reading the FAQ or watching the videos, then post your question to the forum — please provide as much information as you can including:

  • The exact URLs you are referring to (i.e. add address of your blog to your post), if it is an issue with your blog
  • A detailed description of the issue (the more the better)
  • Sample of the code you are trying to embed, if you are having troubles embedding

The Edublogs crew does an excellent job supporting the community in the Forum but they can’t be expected to help 24/7. Please subscribe to the Forum Feed in your feed reader, and if you know the answer to a question take time to write a response — here is the Forum RSS feed. Lets give back their support by helping as a community in the Forum 🙂 .


Please take the time to drop past Gail Desler and Janetta Garton blogs to thank them for updating their Edublogs Manuals.

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9 thoughts on “Looking For The Latest “How To” Information For Using Edublogs?

  1. The link to the forum is now broken. I need support right away – I’ve used WordPress before but somehow cannot make the posts visible on my site. I have to use another hosting service if it’s not user-friendly or if I can’t get support easily whenever needed.

    1. Hi Page, sorry and didn’t realise we hadn’t updated this link because this isn’t a common place for people to refer to information on Edublogs.

      We no longer use a forum as we’ve find email support and our help site better.

      You can email us any time at Edublogs support using this form – http://edublogs.org/contact/

      When you contact us we will need to know your blog URL so we can check it for you.

  2. I want your cool, “If you are enjoying reading this blog, please consider subscribing for free.”
    You want to write directions on how you did that?

  3. @apb324 Glad you are really enjoying Edublogs. Don’t think there is a later version of the forum video. Sorry – probably won’t be updated until into the new year.

  4. Just wanted to say that I LOVE edublogs! We just started one for our upper grades–http://upperhouse.edublogs.org–and we’re really excited about it! =)
    I was wondering if a new screencast has been created on setting up forums on our blogs. I saw the old one which had the old dashboard so there’s no options tab anymore. If there is a new video, I would love a link, and if not, I’ll just be patient! =)
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. It would be great if we could find a reasonably simple fix for the RSS feed aggregator in WP 2.5 which seems to always send out an “error” message. The feed is live, and if you click on the feed you go directly to the site. It just seems the only solution I can find on the web is to work with the site host to open up some port.

    Any simple solutions out there?

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