Learn: The Free Spring Blog Festival (March 14-16)

Anyone looking to learn more about blogging in education should check out the FREE 3-day blog festival later this week!


See the full schedule and details here.

Sessions cover all types and levels of blogging – there’s something for everyone.

Follow along and participate using the hashtag #springblogfest too.

Here’s a highlight of a few sessions:

March 14 9 AM EST  Opening Ceremony and What’s Ahead
March 14 10 AM EST Shelly Terrell Microblog, Vlog, Reblog! How the Evolving Web Has Transformed Blogging
March 14 12 PM EST Marisa Constantinides Why do I blog?
March 15 12PM EST Dr. Christel Broady Teacher Blogging for Knowledge Curation and Creation
March 15 12PM EST Linda Yollis Interactive Blogging: How to use blogging to build literacy and connect with others
March 15 6PM EST Sue Wyatt Student blogging challenge

* Theses links will become recordings after the live event*

There are a ton more excellent sessions listed here!

A big thanks to Dr. Nellie Deutsch, Sylvia Guinan, and Shelly Sanchez Terrell for organizing this event.

It does require an account on WizIQ.  Read how to register for a WizIQ account here.

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