Leadership – #EdublogsClub Prompt 3

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With the presidential inauguration taking place here in the US in a few short days, ‘leadership’ has been heavy on my mind.

This may be as good of a time as any for us to share and discuss different facets of ‘leadership’ on our blogs. Your post doesn’t have to be education related, but keep in mind your intended audience as you build your blog’s following.

A graphic with words "Leadership"

Prompt: Write a post that discusses leadership, peer coaching, and/or effecting change. 

Here are some sentence starters that may help you as a work on the ideas for your post:

  • The best school leader I have ever worked for/with…
  • Teaching leadership skills to students…
  • The qualities of a true leader include…
  • Leaders don’t…
  • Leaders never…
  • Leaders always…
  • I wish my school administrator/boss…
  • As a leader, I wish to improve on…
  • A leader I admire…
  • Peer coaching…
  • Effecting change…

By all means, you don’t need to stick to the above.

General Housekeeping

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What If This Topic Isn’t For Me?

You may find that you don’t like some of the topics we choose. Or, perhaps, you get a little case of writers’ block on the prompt.

If that is the case, we encourage you to publish a post about anything at all so that your week isn’t missed. You can also spend the time doing a little blog maintenance, like updating your theme or design. We’ll try to include some alternative assignment ideas as the weeks go by.

Next week’s post will be unique! So stay tuned and happy blogging!

51 thoughts on “Leadership – #EdublogsClub Prompt 3

  1. Hi everyone ! I’d like to share with you my third post: https://goo.gl/wabvC1
    I have a small confession to make, this challenge is way more interesting that I thought it would be at the begging. The first post had some response, the second a much deeper one, and I truly wish this third one will be of your interest.

  2. I love sentence starters. I answered each one, because trying to organize my thoughts around this vast subject was turning out to be just too difficult and time consuming (and I’m trying to catch up with these posts!). Here’s my post:

    1. I liked your comments especially about “rule follower.” I know lots of teachers who want clear instructions and will obey and follow. There is lots of ambiguity everywhere. Sometimes leaders live with ambiguity to compel followers to step up and find clarity. That’s called leadership training, in my opinion. Keep writing because it is very interesting.

    1. I really enjoyed your post Susan. I agree and have felt the same way towards administrators who have deep experience in teaching. Yet, I have met effective leaders with just less experience who have made a difference in me and in others.

      Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

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