International Dot Day: Get Involved!

International Dot Day is coming up on, around, or during the week of September 15-ish.

Every year, millions of students and educators connect on International Dot Day to celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration.

Getting involved in International Dot Day is easy. It is free, flexible and open to any classes from all around the world.

About International Dot Day

International Dot Day began when Terry Shay introduced his class to Peter H Reynold’s book The Dot on September 15, 2009.

Since then, this date has been celebrated each year as International Dot Day — a day for classes to explore the story’s powerful themes: bravery, creativity, and self-expression.

About the Book – The Dot

The Dot tells the story of a caring art teacher who reaches a reluctant student in a remarkably creative way.

In Peter’s book, the teacher encourages the student to begin a journey of self discovery and creativity, starting with a simple dot on a piece of paper. Transformed by this journey, the student goes on to inspire others.

How to Get Involved

Participating in International Dot Day is simple.

  1. Visit Here you can read up on the day, find ideas and download a participation handbook.
  2. Sign up to participate. This is just a simple survey the organisers use to help plan events around International Dot Day.
  3. Read the book to your class. If you or your library don’t have the book, you might opt to view a YouTube video or purchase the interactive online version. 
  4. Express yourself in any way. This is where you can get creative. Your dot theme can be incorporated into story writing, artwork, songwriting, photography, dance, cooking, performances or more.
  5. Publish! If you have a blog, this is the perfect platform to show the world how you have celebrated the day.
  6. Connect. International Dot Day is as much about celebrating creativity as it is about connecting and collaborating. There is a page on the International Dot Day website which has been set up to help you connect with others. There are links to a Google Doc and social media channels. There are many teachers looking to connect their class through their blog or Skype etc. Such wonderful possibilities for your students!


International Dot Day Ideas

International Dot Day is something you can celebrate throughout your entire school, with your class or by connecting with other classes around the world.

Here are a just a few ideas from recent International Dot Day bloggers.

Going on a dot hunt

Karen Arlington’s school has been participating in International Dot Day since 2011 and you can check out some of the creative ways her students have celebrated here. 

Last year, Karen’s first grade students went on a “dot hunt” and took photos of dot shaped objects. Her video is embedded below.

Dotty stories

Kevin Hodgson’s sixth grade students wrote circle stories for the 2016 International Dot Day which they published in a Padlet.


A day full of dots

Last year Mrs Kostiuk’s class participated in a range of activities from dodge ball to dot-to-dots to art and science. What fun for these third grade Canadians.


A dotty song

Jen Bearden’s first grade class from Missouri watched a catchy video before completing some dot artwork and playing dot games.

Making mistakes in maths

Team 2 Eagles students worked on maths problems with a dot theme.

The grade two students used this video to reinforce how your brain grows when you make mistakes.

WIM 3 Day 5 from YouCubed on Vimeo.

“Dot-cumentary” video

John Long worked with students in Florida to create this “dot-cumentary” for International Dot Day.

How will you celebrate?

How will you make your mark on International Dot Day this year? Please leave a comment with your ideas!

International Dot Day is held every year on or around September 15ish. We explain how you can get involved and explore the themes of bravery, creativity and self-expression.
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14 thoughts on “International Dot Day: Get Involved!

  1. This is the first time I have every heard of Dot Day. I think it is a great idea to celebrate it with Kindergarten and First Graders. It is a great for children’s creativity and and away to express themselves. I will surely have this in my lesson plans this Sept. 15th.

  2. We will also celebrate Dot Day in Tandil, prov of Buenos Aires, in Argentina, next week. I love the story and its message, and I find the idea of connecting children from different parts of the world so interesting that my youngest art students will connect through Skype with children from USA next week. It will be their first time ever to do that, so were all quite excited. We’ll also invite parents to our class to create a collaborative dot mural using drawn, collaged & painted dots. Have a great Dot day week!

    1. Hi Sole,

      It’s wonderful to hear how you are embracing Dot Day in Argentina! I bet the children are really excited to Skype. I love that you are even getting parents involved. Do you have a blog at all?

      Thanks for getting touch and have fun this week,

        1. Hi Sole,

          Thanks so much for taking the time to share you pictures. They’re lovely. It sure looks like the kids are having fun getting creative!

          Well done,

  3. Hi Kathleen,

    I have never celebrated International Dot Day before, so I am looking forward to joining in with my grade 3/4 class next week and sharing the fun on my class blog!

    Thanks for sharing these great ‘dotty’ ideas from around the world. There are so many inspiring and creative teachers out there!

    ~ Kelly

    1. Hi Kel,

      I’m so glad you will be participating this year! I had only vaguely heard about it before this year too. I love how easy and flexible it is, and it promotes a great message. Can’t wait to see what your class gets up to!


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