Interested In Joining A Student Blogging Competition?

Image of Student Blogging CompetitionAre you are student blogger wanting to connect with other student bloggers while improving your blogging skills? Or are you teacher looking for an opportunity to guide your students through the process of learning to blog?

Miss Wyatt has set up a blogging competition, starting September 22, for school students of all ages which will involve 10 weeks worth of activities, one challenge each week with some bonuses for those who want to go overboard. She is hoping each each school involved will award a small prize to the best blogger or most improved blogger in their school.

There will be weekly activities for:

  1. Students who have their own blog
  2. Students who don’t have their own blog but want to participate through commenting
  3. Classrooms who want to participate through their classroom blog

If you’re interested in participating you need to:

  1. Discuss with your teacher
  2. Drop past Miss Wyatt’s blog and register your details
  3. If you are participating as part of a classroom blog you will need to get your teacher to register your class
  4. Keep an eye on Miss Wyatt’s blog for the blogging challenge information and your weekly task

Please let me know, by leaving a comment on this post, if you are planning to join the student blogging competition as I would love to drop past your blog to check out your progress.

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142 thoughts on “Interested In Joining A Student Blogging Competition?

  1. I am Rachael from Victoria Australia in Hawkesdale. We have just come back from two weeks holidays. I am entered in your blogging compition and I am really looking forward to it.

  2. Hello Sue, my name is Chloe, I am from Hawkesdale P-12 College, Victoria, Australia. I am entering the blogging competition.


    P.S. I love your blog!!!

  3. Heyy,,

    My names Courtney and Im joining the bloging competition =).

    Im from Hawkesdale College and we’ve just came back from holidays.

    Im looking forwed of being part of it.

  4. Thanks Jesse, Asia and Richard for letting me know you are part of the blogging competition. I’ve dropped past your blog and said hi 🙂

    @Matthewe109 My husband used to love the Three Stogges

  5. I also used to watch the three stooges when i was really little my uncle showed me them and i got hooked on that show

  6. oo thats cool i watched as his movies when i was little and i think that he is the actor i seen the most out of all of them

  7. I’m going to be joining the competition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My blog is going to be deep, so you’d miss out if you didn’t read it.

  8. @CJ Thanks for letting me know and I’ve dropped past your blog to say hi:

    I’ve solved your riddle:

    a poor man has it, a rich man wants it, its greater then god ,and if you eat it you’ll die

    Although I confess I did get help from my friends who were much wiser than me:
    Poor man has Nothing, Rich man needs Nothing, Nothing is greater than God, if you eat Nothing, you will die. 🙂

    It’s good to have friends that help. Does that mean I get an A for smart thinking or an F for fail because I got help?

    @Mattewe09 yes I have seen many of his films. My favorite way of relaxing is to go to the movies. Not sure which one of his movies is my favorite.

    @Cody thanks for letting us know. We will just have to wait for the answer. Lets hope it happens before I have to sleep tonight.

    @Kevina09 Thanks for letting me know you have joined the competition. I dropped past your blog and said hi.

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