Interested In Free Live Online Sessions?

Image of a dogWhen you first starting using Web 2.0 tools with your students it can feel scary.  So I’ve been thinking of ways to help out teachers.

What I decided was it would be good if we could offer to provide live online presentations where some sessions cover different aspects of blogging while others focus on using a range of web technologies.

In essence take the same approach to providing free online professional development as we use on The Edublogger.

The great news is Elluminate is now a Community Partner with Edublogs and has provided access to an Elluminate room specifically for this purpose.  Besides all the excellent features an Elluminate room provides it also means I can use application sharing to show each step clearly when demonstrating a tool.

Click on this link to get your own free 3-user Elluminate v-Room!

So now it is your turn to share your thoughts:

  1. What aspects of blogging and web technologies would you like to learn about in these sessions?
  2. What do you feel are the best days/times to run these sessions?
  3. Would you like to help facilitate some of these sessions?
  4. If you are interested in booking sessions for your teachers and/or students please leave your contact details and information on what you would like covered.

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45 thoughts on “Interested In Free Live Online Sessions?

  1. Hi,I love the idea of using Elluminate as a platform for the discussions. I’ve been trying to learn all I can from your blog and the forums, but a live, online session would be most helpful.Thak you.

  2. Sue, I really liked the Elluminate session, and learned some fun things I can do in the multimedia room…we are using Adobe Connect…doesn’t have quite as much flexibility as Elluminate, but I get the idea…it is a fun, snappy experience for the students. Warm wishes, Lisa Q.

  3. Where I can learn more about the student blogging challenge you referred to?

    When do you plan to begin offering these Elluminate webinars? 🙂

    1. We are already running them – it is more that I need to get myself organised and set up a mechanism that makes it easy to notify people that they are happening.

      Regarding the 31 Day Challenge – Problogger has just announced his latest version that you can sign up for. Starts April 1 – some crazy person has signed up for this!

      Student blogging challenge I have inserted a link to it in my latest post.

  4. Perhaps Saturdays, after the Classroom 2.0 workshops, would be a good time. Evenings are just fine too.

    I love the idea of using Elluminate as a platform for the discussions. I’ve been trying to learn all I can from your blog and the forums, but a live, online session would be most helpful.

    Maybe a wiki would work well for us to add requests to, regarding the blogging and web technologies that we would like to learn about in these sessions. I know I’d love to get a handle on setting up the student blogs, customizing for a better design, and ideas for better blogging. Your posts, that I just found this week from the 31 day challenge, have gotten me off to a good start. (Any news of a similar challenge running again soon?)

    Thank you!

  5. 1. Start with the basics. Talk about security issues, getting administrators on board, nitty gritty.
    2. Late afternoon/evening. Provide archive afterwards.
    3. Am just starting out blogging with kids, so am no expert yet.

    Thanks for doing this,

    Fran Lo

  6. Hi Sue,
    My digital journey over the last 9 months has been immense thanks to you and edublogs. I can hardly believe that I am presently running sessions on developing blogs with headteachers and NQT’s ….. I would love to develop my skills even more….and would be interested in attending session England time….and possibly weekends …
    This has been an amazing journey

    1. Hi Silvana, that is excellent news. Would you also like to facilitate some sessions? Yes I have to sit down and write down a whole series of names for different sessions – it is on my to-do-lit (long one).

  7. Be glad to be part of this project. I am familiar with many web 2.0 tools and have applied them into teaching a foreign language. My schedule is quite flexible and would be glad to facilitate and email you my resume. With the travel budget so tight for educators across the country, I am all for GREEN “web-nars”!


    1. Hi Mimi, I’m happy for anyone to do some sessions – the more the better. Just give me title of session with date/times and we take it from there. If you are new to Elluminate we have a session on using it this Friday (Perth Western Australian time – 9-10 AM).

  8. I would love to attend a live webinar. As a librarian, time and day are flexible, and what I would like most is information about the “safety and security” of using blogs in the elementary years…Please contact me at [email protected] in order to set something up. We’re just getting started and have lots of questions from admins and parents. We want to be sure we provide the most useful information possible to help set fears aside.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Roxanne, I’m trying to get the teachers involved with the student blogging challenge to share their journey. That session would probably provide a lot of the information you are after.

  9. Hi again Sue,

    Probably best if I stick to a session about wikis as I have not actually used blogs as such with students. I am available Melbourne time but difficult to say exactly which day or night as it varies. Better if you give me a few dates and I will tell you if I can do them.


    My God – what a logistical nightmare for you – methinks you have opened up a pandora’s box!

    1. Hi Lynne, happy for you to do sessions on wikis. Just give me title of the session with date/time and I will add to the calender. Yes logistical fun 🙂

  10. This sounds like a great idea, perfect for those of us who will have a bit more free time during the summer months.
    I’ve been using Elluminate as part of CCC Confer for several years now and deliver all of my nutrition lectures online for the students.
    I will be very excited to see what transpires.

    1. Hi Alice, I would absolutely love you to facilitate some sessions for me. Just let me know the times and the dates plus what topics you want to each sessions and I will organise the details. I’m planning on sessions of approximately 1 hour and am happy to provide some Elluminate training prior.

      Wonder how we might convince Larry Ferlazzo to consider doing a session (or too) – don’t suppose you have any thoughts on how we might convince him?

  11. Hi Sue, Thanks for another fantastic idea. Just when we’ve overcome the language barrier with the Google Translator widget, it looks as though the time barrier is going to be tough. Possibly the same session could be offered at a few different times with different facilitators. I would be happy to act as a facilitator as someone with a reasonable amount of experience with the joys and pitfalls of blogging with your class. I am in Melbourne. (currently GMT + 11) Please count me in. I think a Google calendar would be a good way to access the information. This sounds like an enormous amount of work, but work worth doing. I hope I can help.


    1. Hi Christen, yes time zones will definitely be challenging and I think the best approach will be to invite different people to facilitate sessions that fit with their schedule and commitments. More than happy for you to facilitate some sessions – just let me know what dates/times suit you and we can work from there.

      I will probably need to run some sessions on using Elluminate for the Facilitators so that they feel comfortable using it.

  12. Hi Sue!
    Thank you for this great initiative! I’m really interested in participating, I only hope you will be able to keep the Webinars to be viewed at any time, as my “end of school day” may turn to be around midnight in Australia!
    Unless I can join you on Wednesdays, as I don’t have classes in the morning and I’m thus free to get up in the middle of the night or before the Sun rises. My hour is GMT + 0.

    1. Yes definitely I’m hoping on organising archives for exactly this reason. I was thinking you might be interested in facilitating a few sessions in your language? Any thoughts on this?

      1. Hi Sue,
        Thank you for your suggestion! Surely I would love to facilitate sessions in my language. As I will be operated soon, I’ll be free more free from school for a while and I’ll try to work on this project.

  13. Hi Sue,

    Think its a great idea. Possibly having sessions in different timeslots might work – if you miss a daytime one because you are working, you may pick one up at night. I know that’s a lot of work for you so if you need any help let me know. Maybe you could just end up facilitating other people to run the sessions if it all gets too much. There’s a wealth of fabulous gurus out there as you well know! I am toying with the idea of hooking into a live Elluminate session for a group of tutors up on the datashow while they are all in the room and we can continue the discussion afterwards. That would be a challenge for me but I think I am up to it! If anything comes up that looks interesting and I know in plenty of time I could organise it. Maybe we could have a glass or two of red or white liquid refreshment to get their tongues untied!

    1. Hi Lynne, yes I’ve decided the best approach will be to hopefully get a range of people interested in helping facilitating the sessions. Besides ensuring that it works it will also cater for the different time zones and provide increased variety. Let me know if you would like to do a few sessions 🙂

    1. We definitely will be doing this. I just need to organise my plans so that I have a plan in place so people know what is happening and when it is on. Mmmm was going to use a Google Calender that people can subscribe to however wonder if I need some other type of notifying system? Classroom 2.0 uses email as well – mmm not sure.

  14. Hi sue
    This is a great idea.
    I was introduced to blogs in mid jan of this year and I am now at a stage to look at enhancing the support to students’ progress using my blogs, as well using it lessons for more engaging content and activities and maybe developing my PLN.
    This is particularly relevant for because the school’s IT provider thinks it has a decent solution for this but I think it it is cumbersome and so unwieldy. I’m meeting them this thursday to discuss what I am looking for over the next year or so. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
    I would also like my department to start something like this for student homework and communication with parents.
    Please email me [email protected] if you would like to discuss this
    Thanks for helpful advice – I have found it very useful in developing my blog for students

    1. Hi Daniel – glad my advice has been helpful. It can be challenging dealing with IT and your departments ideas of what you require as opposed to what you want to do. I’ve sent you an email – please let me know how I can help you.

  15. Hi Sue. I am interested in participating in the free online sessions. Evenings (Melb time), weekends and public holidays would be the best times for me.

    I am particularly interested in learning hints and tips for using html in Edublogs. I have noticed that you are able to use fonts/point size etc that I don’t seem to be able to.


    1. Hi Deb, weekends work well for me and I think for some they definitely will be better.

      The trick with the point size is I’m using Heading styles – but happy to do a session on that. I can see what I probably need to do is break it apart into different topics when we are talking blogging and take it from there.

  16. This sounds great Sue. I’m going to be presenting over elluminate for our regional econference on Blogs & Wikis!! So this will be a real help for me to get my head around things.

    At the moment I’m nearly at the point of giving some of my students (grade 4/5’s) their own blogs. I’m trying to work out what things they need to know before I do this. Should I create some sort of Blog Passport? I’d love to hear a presentation from a teacher who’s taken this step successfully. I’ve set the blogs up, ready to go, just not sure they’re ready yet.

    As for times, anything during school hours is pretty much impossible and then there are meetings many afternoons until 4 or 5pm. So this might be tricky. Evenings maybe or weekends? Or maybe school holiday conferencing programs?


    1. Hi Jen, I think perhaps I might try twisting Miss Wyatt’s arm(s) and seeing if she will do a presentation on how she walks her students through the process of setting up blogs – from the class blog to the student blogs. Actually would be really good if I could convince the different teachers from the Student blogging Challenge to share their different approaches are they have all done it differently.

      Sounds like I will need to organise a range of different session times to suit varying situations.

  17. This is a wonderful idea. If others are like me, I need to read it, see it, reflect on it and read it again. It is a scary step trying something new. I think you can successfully repeat any topic you have used for your blog. Teachers like to feel really comfortable before jumping into something so presenting your work using another web 2.0 tool like Elluminate is a perfect way to do this.

    At the beginning of this project, I think it’s important to have the presentations available at the end of the school day when more staff are available to attend. I agree that when teachers meet as a group to learn it may begin to foster a conversation. It’s also vital for teachers to see other colleagues who are also interested in moving forward. I do like the idea of archives. Teachers might share these sessions with others who do not attend.

    My school has held two technology min-workshops sessions after school this year. I will add your online presentations to our tech committee agenda. I can not sign teachers up without going through this group. I think it’s a fantastic idea.

    I’m not sure what facilitating entails but I am willing to help if I can. I really love the work you are sharing on your blog. You have made a huge impact on my learning.

    1. Hi Nilah, I agree with you. Taking topics that I have covered on The Edublogger and using them in sessions will be a good way to go because it also helps see exactly what I’m talking about.

      End of the school day might be interesting. Perhaps I need everyone to help me work out that time 🙂 . I’m based in Western Australia which is GMT + 8 hrs. Would someone love to do the calculation and work out approximately when the end of the school day would be in my time? (PS don’t tell me 2 AM in the morning).

      Happy for you to suggest our sessions to your tech committee and glad my blog has helped you.

  18. I look forward to seeing the results your plan. This academic year (Sept 2009 to June 2009 here in the USA), for the first time, I have been making selected ISTE webinars ( available to teachers both live and via access to the recorded sessions later. While the turn-out for these sessions has be rather small, those that do come seem to have found them useful. (I don’t yet have a handle on how much the archives are being used yet.)

    I’m still at the point where I don’t have a lot of feedback on topics of interest so that’s why I’ve been mostly promoting sessions I discover that are already being organized by others.

    One thing I have done that may have been helpful, is that I’ve “hosted” these sessions in single room (with an LCD projector and sound system) so that teachers can just stop by without worrying about setting up the communications technology. I also like the idea of getting teachers at my school together face to face in hopes they might continue the conversation with one another later. (I, unfortunately, have not provided any formal follow-up as I haven’t yet figured out a creative way to deal with the lack of time issues to do this.)

    Of course, one reason for the lack of turn-out is times not being compatible for some who might be interested. Depending on the times and topics, I would be willing to do the same thing for the sessions you are talking about. Also, I’d be willing to help facilitate some if you needed people again depending on times (I know we are on opposite sides of the world).

    One suggestion I do have if you are not already planning to do it, is to make the sessions available via an archive. I’ve started building a collection of archived webinars (internal to my school only for now since the ISTE webinars require a fee) and would add the archives you’d produce if the topics seem interesting to my teachers here.

    Good luck with this, and I’ll stay tuned!

    1. Hi Bill, can feel for you over the lack of time – often a common challenge. I’ve found what works well is incentives like good food as bait. Definitely will be looking for people willing to help facilitate some sessions because I am in the opposite time zone.

      The great part of Elluminate is that it also has software that we can edit the session and create video files from – which will make archiving easy.

  19. This is a great idea. Yesterday afternoon, a group of Québec teachers just had such a session: a presentation by a grade 1 teacher, Mary Ellen Lynch, who talked about her journey in creating a classroom blog. (We used our own system similar to Elluminate). She said a number of interesting things that teachers could relate to: Start small, find the need, go with it and use it to learn. In her case the need was to find a way to showcase the work students were doing with technology in her class, initially to parents. She then discovered that she was showcasing to the world and that the world responded. And so started her journey of building her personal learning network, an unexpected bonus for her. She will now be moving from focusing on learning the technology (or technologies) to finding ways to use it to create another level of learning experiences for her children… pedagogical use.

    So start with what you think you need or want to do, and do it. Growth will happen from there, especially if you can find people to talk to about it.

    Christiane Dufour

    1. Thanks Christiane. Mary Ellen is lovely and I’m sure the teachers would have gained a lot from her session. We currently run a session on Friday/Thursday (depending on where you are in the World) that has a steady following.

  20. This is a fantastic idea to get more teachers to take advantage of some incredible 2.0 tools. I would certainly be interested in attending as well as facilitating sessions. Let me know what I can do to help!

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