Looking to connect with other classes? Check out the Instagram Challenge!

I knew when I wrote The Educator’s guide to Instagram and other photo apps that some people would debate the educational benefits of Instagram and challenge me on the use of Educator in the title of the post.

They did!

So it’s great to see educators using Instagram to document their school activities and develop connections with classes at other schools.

Would you like to join them in an Instagram Challenge?

Their Instagram challenge is based on sharing their food technology learning journey.  But you could be doing this for any learning area!

Here’s how you can join their challenge:

  1. Create an instagram account for your class or school (read these tips on choosing your school’s username for the challenge)
  2. Upload your photos and tag them #foodatchallenge (here’s information on how to tag)

You can read more about their Instagram challenge here!

Why not create an Instagram Challenge for your area?

Using a common instagram hashtag such as #edinsta or #edinstamaths you can easily share your photos with each other and be interacting in comments.  You could even use a hashtag like #edinsta to tag educational instagram photos.

You could use it for showcasing student work or giving presentation tips! 

Or for discussions on differences between countries and classes:

You’re really only limited by your imagination!

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