Hurricane Harvey And The Impact On Students, Teachers, and Schools

Hurricane Harvey and the ongoing flooding in Texas and Louisiana has hit close to home for several of us here at Edublogs. Our thoughts are with those still dealing with the aftermath of the storm and we feel deeply for the loss, pain, anxiety, and hardship the storm has caused.

If there is a bright side to it all, we are heartened by the acts of kindness, the selfless hard work, and the “all in it together” attitude we are witnessing. We couldn’t be more proud to see public school districts already enrolling evacuees (and making registering easier) into their schools, and that Houston ISD will be able to provide 3 free meals to all students for the rest of the school year.

The storms have impacted well over 1 million students in hundreds of school districts. For many students (and teachers), schools will be the only sense of normalcy and routine for quite a while. Educators and school systems will be taking on an even greater responsibility in the overall well-being of students. And they’ll be doing all of this while some schools themselves have taken on significant damage and may not be able to open for a lengthy amount of time as well. The impact is far too wide.

In hopes that it is helpful, even in some small way, we’ve compiled a list of links and resources for those affected and also those looking to provide support to those in need. Please leave a comment below if you know of anything we should add.

The road to recovery and normalcy will be long for many. We’ll continue to look for ways to lend a hand wherever possible.


25 thoughts on “Hurricane Harvey And The Impact On Students, Teachers, and Schools

  1. One of the best things that we can do is pray for the people that were affected by hurricane Harvey and Irma and Maria.

  2. I can do nothing in Washington, but I pray for those families hit by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and if it can’t get any worse, wildfires are in Montana and Cali. And I’m caught in the crosshairs of it all.

  3. Sad to see the damage hurricane Harvey has done in Texas and Louisiana, especially to the homes and the schools. As a college student in Florida, I am a bit in fear of a similar faith, since there is a hurricane with a potential to reach category 4, on an expected course to hit Florida.

  4. WOW,
    I was terrified and I wasn’t there. So helpless that I couldn’t help out here in Florida. Now there is one hitting Florida next weekend and I am still terrified that it will do damage. It is supposed to be worse than Harvey

  5. I send my love to all family and children those who live in the area of the flooding. we are doing our best here and are willing to help. just remember God is with you and never give up. help is on its way.

  6. I am a teacher in Beaumont,Texas the situation is pretty grim we have lost water and the hospitals are being evacuated. I have lived through hurricanes before but not like this. My house is under water at least by 6 feet.

    1. Sally, I have been watching the news out of Beaumont all day. We wish you and your community a safe and speedy recovery. Thank you for sharing with us your experience.

  7. I am a Hurricane Harvey evacuee. I am also a retired teacher. Please keep the very small towns that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey and the river flooding in your giving plan. The children that live in small towns and villages along the coast are often forgotten during these types of situations; however, these children are just as hungry and require clothes just like children where relief efforts are concentrated…the urban school/city. Contact local United Way Agencies in remote locations for donation options.

    1. Hi Lisa, very well said and important information to share with those that might not be aware. I was reading that Aransas Pass schools are closed indefinitely, as just one example. I hope that you are able to return home in the near future and all the best in the recovery.

      1. The projected time for me to RETURN home is October 2017. Then I will be able to assess the damage and see what needs to be done. Texas has mandated free school meals to children for all of 2017. Right now, in the area where I live and have evacuated, the schools and businesses are cooking everything they have and distributing it to anyone who is hungry. I suspect students in shelters will be enrolled into the schools where the shelter is…if the schools are even accessible. My thoughts? Teachers should teach classes in the shelters where students are housed. Thanks for the kind thoughts.

  8. I was involved in the Hurricane Harvey event in Houston, but somehow I was safe from most of the floods and the storm even though it was so close. I’ve donated some money for those that needed help. I’m thankful for the concerns, everyone.

    1. Divine, many thanks for sharing your comment. I believe many in the area (students too) will be experiencing survivors guilt for those less impacted than others. I’m glad to hear you remained safe during it all.

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