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Embedding videos, photos, or other types of content in your blog posts is a relatively simple way to enhance your posts with informative, attention-grabbing content. In this round up post, we’ll share posts from the Edublogs community (and beyond) explaining how to embed just about anything into your blog!

Use Just A Simple Link

We’ll begin with an Edublogger post from last year — Blogging Tip: Embed Content With Just A URL. This post will explain how to embed content from a number of well know content and social media platforms directly into your blog using nothing but a simple URL. It really is just that easy!

News & Stories

An embed feature we added last fall was the DOGO plugin that lets you add news and reviews written just for kids to your blog: Do You DOGO? Embed DOGO News, Books, and Movies On Edublogs!

The folks at livefyre published a post on how to embed a Storify story to your blog. Edublogs users can follow the first set of directions under section titled “Do you run a self-hosted ( blog?” explaining how to use Storify’s Embed button.

Google & Other Files

On Mr. Lister’s Class Blog, Mr. Lister shows us how to embed a video file from Google Drive into your blog post.

Blackberry Alley explains how to embed charts created with Google Spreadsheets and a few tweaks that will ensure your embedded chart looks amazing.

Read Chris Lema’s post about embedding PDFs that users cannot print, download or share without permission.


If you use Audacity to record audio files, Mr. Lister also has a post explaining how to embed your Audacity files into your blog.

Larry Ferlazzo recently informed us that the popular website Imgur now provides embed code for their images that includes automatic attribution.


Edublogs Award Winner Richard Byrne explains how you can embed a TodaysMeet room in your blog post to host an online discussion in Embed TodaysMeet Rooms Into Your Blog or Website,

We’ve covered videos, images, audio, Google, meetings, documents, and more in this post. If there is a specific source or network from which you would like to embed content and you did not find the answer here, let us know in the comments. We’ll be happy to do our best to get you an answer.

One thought on “How To Embed Just About Anything

  1. I am ok with the time saving that just pasting in a link has to offer.
    But can I give you my three wishes?
    Offer some ability to change the size, ability to center the image….and most of all…have the default option be that when the image is clicked it opens in a new tab 🙂

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