How To Add an Email Subscription to Your Blog

In our last post we showed how to add a RSS feed from Feedburner to your blog to make it easier for your readers to subscribe to your blog and so that you could analyse your blog subscriptions e.g. number of subscribers, Feed Readers they use. This post will show how you can add an email subscription to your blog.

Reason For Adding Email Subscription to Your Blog

However not every reader likes to use RSS, some readers prefer to receive latest posts from blogs using email subscription. This is why you will often see both email subscription and RSS feed options on blogs; bloggers are doing this to cater to the different preferences of their readers.

Readers simply enter their email address and then click on “Subscribe”. They then receive an email notifying when new posts or information have been added to the blog.

There are two main options you can use to add an email subscription to your Eublogs blog:

  1. Drag Email Subscription Widget onto your sidebar (here is more information about using Widgets)
  2. Create and add an email subscription using Feedburner for your blog.

These two options work very differently:

  • Edublogs Email Subscription Widget – emails your reader immediately that a new post has been added to your blog. However to read the post your reader will need to click on a link which takes them to the post on your blog.
  • Feedburner Email Subscription – emails your entire post to your readers on the day after it has been uploaded to your blog i.e. they can read the entire post as an email rather than following the link. Please note images are not displayed in the email. Advantages of Feedburner includes details of your subscribers e.g. number of email subscribers, their email addresses

Which ever email subscription you use make sure you subscribe to your blog using it; so you know what your posts look like when people receive them via email. Normally

Creating An Email Subscription For Your Blog Using Feedburner

Once you have created and added an RSS feed from Feedburner to your blog ( here are the instructions on how to add a RSS feed from Feedburner to your blog) the next step is to set up your email subscription with feedburner (follow the instructions in the diagram below).

Diagram of how to set up email subscription

Adding Your Feedburner Email Subscription To Your Blog

The code for your Feedburner email subscription is located under your Publicize tab. You need to add this to a text widget in your sidebar.

  1. On your blog dashboard, go to Design > Widgets
  2. Scroll down to Text widget in your available widget area (left hand side of dashboard) and click on Add.
  3. Click on Edit on the Text widget that has been added to your current widget area.Image of adding a text widget
  4. Paste code for Feedburner email in Text Widget.  Click on Change.
  5. Click on Save Changes at bottom of Current Widget area (right hand side of dashboard).

Image of Email Widget


Please let us know how you go adding an email subscription to your blog; especially if you have additional questions on using it.

For accurate statistics on your subscriber numbers you should redirect all your blog feed to Feedburner!

If you are enjoying reading this blog, please consider Subscribing For Free!

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51 thoughts on “How To Add an Email Subscription to Your Blog

  1. What is the capacity of Email the Feedburner email can take? Unlimited? Can Email list be transfered into this Feedburner email subscription

    1. Hi Charles,
      Google discontinued support for Feedburner a number of years ago so you may want to look at different options instead of setting it up. Good luck!

  2. I followed the simple instructions and everything worked perfectly until I went to my home page and clicked on “subscribe.” I get a page that says it is a “404 page.” Is this feature only for supporters now? Or where did I go wrong?
    Thank you!

      1. @Sue Waters, I started over from the beginning with a new text widget. It doesn’t give me the error page, but there is no field for the viewer to enter an email address. Is there a separate step for this?

        1. @mrscarpenter, Sorry to ask the question but I do need to – Can you confirm that you grabbed fresh HTML code from Feedburner? If so, I’m probably going to have to get you to send me the HTML saved in a text file attached to an email so I can test it for you.

          1. @Sue Waters, Yes, I even deactivated it so I could start completely from scratch. I inserted the fresh code, but still nothing. I have the code saved so I can email it to you if needed. So much new “academic language” that it is hard to know if I am doing it correctly!

  3. I tried it for a few days before we had daily posts going up. Just tried posting a test post and didn’t get notification. Are you saying today’s posts get emailed tomorrow?

    Does this generally work for everyone else? If I am the only one with problem, I have to think it will start working. This is on a fairly simple wordpress site and I didn’t have trouble cutting/pasting the feedburner code into the text widget and getting that up. Also, with it working for the verification, that has to be a good sign.

    1. Yes normally the posts are sent through the next day. I suggest you also sign up using a gmail account and see if there is any difference.

      It is always possible that your email system is blocking the emails. With Edublogs we can have one of our emails go through and then the second email be blocked with some email systems – not sure why. Email filters move in mysterious ways is my answer.

  4. I have created an rss feed, activated the email subscription feature on that feed in feedburner, and put the subscription form on my blog and subscribed 2 emails to it to test. It appears to work normally, asking me to type in a captcha string, then telling me to check my email box. I go to my email inbox and there is an email with a link to click on to confirm. I click on the link and it says I’ve successfully subscribed.

    I then go to my feedburner account, and that feed says there are 0 subscribers. What gives? Is there a delay? Shouldn’t the subscribers appear immediately?

    The form executes perfectly and has the correct feed name on it.

    1. Good question. Yes it normally takes about 24 hours for the subscribers to start showing in Feedburner. You will also see a bit of fluctuation daily depending on what feed reader people are using.

      1. I did the feedburner thing on our Scholarship of the Day blog at Have tried 3 email addresses to make sure it is sending daily blog posts. On all 3 email addresses, I get the register email, click the validate link, the addresses show up in feedburner subscriber listing but I never receive the emails on any of the 3 accounts. Any ideas? Don’t think it is getting caught in spam since i got the opt in emails. Not sure if our readers have the same trouble or what??? We have scheduled posts daily – shouldn’t those be getting sent out every day to the subscriber list?

        Thanks for any help.

        1. It does take 24 hours normally from when you write a post to it being sent by Feedburner. How long has it been since you subscribed and when you wrote the last post?

  5. Thanks Sue, I love the way you do a step-by-step guide through. Did anyone experience this problem? I tried to add the’ subscribe my email’ code to my widget (following your very clear steps) but the subscription box didn’t appear on my blog (which rendered it useless). Tried it a couple of times … no success. Tried the other option for adding email subscription via feedburner (where the reader is taken to a separate feedburner page and fills in details there) and that worked fine.

    1. Yes Marie I’m sure you aren’t the only person that has had that issue. Not sure why it is happening but glad to know that you managed to find a solution. Perhaps because yours is a Global Teacher blog – wonder if restrictions are a bit different?

    1. @pnichols Glad the instructions were helpful and you were able to add the email subscription to your blog. I have a large number of users that prefer subscribing by email.

  6. @league218 It may be that they are working on the email widget or this is a feature that will only be available to Edublogs Supporter – read the latest announcement for more information.

    I’ve checked Feedburner and I’m definitely able to add the email widget. You just keep it as the Typepad option and copy all the code. If you still can’t embed let me know and I will see what I can do.

  7. Hi Sue,

    I am having the same problems as johnkenworthy. It will not retain the whole html. Any solution since July?

    Also, as of yesterday afternoon, I had the email widget from Edublogs, and then it disappeared, and could not find it on any theme. That’s why I went with Feedburner, and now that doesn’t work. 🙁 Any help I can get. Thanks so much.

  8. @dkbookwoman1 If you only want specific people to be able to read your blog and write comments you will need to become an Edublogs Supporter(costs $25 per year). This means you will be able to change your blog visibility so that people have to log into your blog to read and be able to post comments. No one else will be able to see what has been written.

    When someone writes a comment the comment notification is sent only to the person who set up the blog i.e. the email address that was used to set up the blog. People are only notified by new posts if they subscribe in feed readers or subscribe by email subscription.

    I hope this information has helped.

  9. I need simple instructions for my blog. Here’s what I want it to look like/ act like. I need help following the paths to set it up. Your help in simple terms is appreciated.
    I want:
    Only Specfic users to read my blog and write comments.
    The readers do no want to be notified every time a new post/comment is being made.
    I would like the filter for words

  10. Hi Sue
    Yes, the same, yet, once saved the code remaining excludes the form field. The click to subscribe code works fine, just the form version does not. Must be the template then. Oh well. If anyone does find a way around, be great if you;d let me know.


  11. @John Kenworthy I did test the code on my Test blog to make sure it was working when I read Sciteacher’s response and it did work. I’m using the first embed code on the Feedburner email subscription page and don’t change the code type — i.e. I leave it as the default Typepad. Are you keeping it as the default code?

  12. Sue and anyone else who can help
    I’m having the same issue as sciteacher. Copy all the code, save the changes in a text widget and a lot of the code is not saved (ie the form part), could this be a template issue (I’m using Dignity).

    Even trying in a post and a page does the same – basically seems to not ‘like’ the html code and doesn’t keep it. So theme issue or WP issue?
    Anyone worked this out?

  13. Sue,
    Thanks for all the great info. I am learning a lot. However, when I tried this I was unable to see a space for people to type in there email address. I tried it a couple of times with the same result. Am I missing something? Thanks

  14. @Mert Yes you can check your number of subscribers by email. In Feedburner dashboard click on Analyze tab and then Subscription. If you look towards the bottom of the page it shows the number of email subscribers.

    @Alexandra Glad my instructions were able to help you.

    @Richard I grabbed my email subscription code and added it to a text widget on my Test blog. Then pressed change on the Widget and save changes. Then I checked my blog and it was there okay. So it should be working okay with an Edublogs blog. Can I get you to try again?

  15. Hi, Sue,

    Is the HTML code pasted into the text edit box supposed to change after clicking on Change and Save? When I click on Change, nothing happens, but when I click on Save, and then go back and look at things, there has been a serious removal of code from the original.

    Am I doing something wrong, or am I all wet??
    Richard Buro, Temple, TX

  16. Sue
    I got to stage two – added the RSS feed and email subscription. Your instructions are easy to follow. I had previously encountered so many problems using Blogger help that nothing seemed to be working to activate the RSS. Again, thanks – you’re blog is great.

  17. Hi Susan!
    Is it possible to check the number of subscribers to my blog if I use the Email Subscription widget?

  18. i think that making a blog is good for learning and getting your way around the internet and to learn how to use it is a nother good reson.

  19. I am a 3rd grade teacher and have set up a blog for my students to be able to go in and submit comments and I would like to give small writing assignments on there as well, however… I can’t figure out how to allow them to leave comments and replies to my blogs.

    Each time they go in, the student has to put in their name, their email address and a some kind of spam protection password (???) and then do the code thingy (enter the word you see below–that thing).

    Is there anyway they can just go in and make a username and a password and then that’s it? Most 3rd graders don’t have an email address, and I don’t feel like going into and making 21 fake email addresses each year for my class.

    Is this possible? What I’d like is each student to go in… pick a username… pick a password… and then only have to enter that in to post a comment.

    Please help! Thank you… I love this blog site.

  20. Hi Claire – yes definitely. I will add how to add a comment feed to the to-do-list.

    Susan – We are happy that any type of blogger, using any blogging platform, gains from using our site. As for leaving a comment I’m always happy to support other bloggers. In terms of Subscribe by RSS or email – ideally you should add both to your site. Most readers will subscribe by RSS using a Feed Reader like Google Reader however a few prefer to use email. If you don’t have an email subscription option than those that prefer email may not subscribe to your site.

    Hi Darren – yes at the moment the tips are more target at WordPress platform. Obviously when posts move onto using blogging students and tips for being a more effective blogger they will be more generic. However if you read my post on adding Feedburner feed to your blog you will see that I have included the link for additional steps for other blogging platforms. And you may not realise this but quite a few bloggers using other blogging platforms are finding these tips helpful. Take for example Susan from above. She is using Blogger and this information on Feedburner helped her work out how to add the feed and email subscription to her site.

  21. So many great tips, Sue! Too bad they’re all WordPress specific.

    With all due respect to your sponsor, are you ever planning on doing a few of these great tutorials on platforms other than WordPress?

    Surely there are a few great edublogs out there that are built on other platforms.

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  23. Hi,

    Hope you don’t mind me using your site. Not sure what “edublogs” are, I’m just have a little blog on Blogger. But this is more great info. I forgot to even check to see if anyone was subscribed to my RSS feed, until just re-reading your last post. And I was excited to see a few people had!

    I might try this “subscribe by email” but which do method do you think is better?

    Also thanks for leaving a comment on my site,
    not to be corny but I was excited by that!

  24. Thank you. I found this site to be of great help. I am still searching how to be informed if users listed as contributors post on their sites.

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