How keep track of new comments on other bloggers’ posts

Frustrated because you like to know about new comments on other bloggers’ posts , especially if you’ve left a comment, but find it time consuming going back to the post to check for new comment?

Well you don’t need to return to where you wrote the comments because you can get them brought to you using a comment tracking tool. Part of the The 31 Day Comment Challenge involves using comment tracking tools. Since it’s suggested participants use coComment because of it’s community building features let’s check out tips for getting started with coComment.

Tracking Comments

  1. Create an account with coComment.
  2. Install simple extension capture tool.capturetool.jpg
  3. Join the Comment Challenge Group if you are doing The 31 Day Comment Challenge.
  4. The coComment extension automatically sends comments you write to your coComment account (plus you can tag your comments).

Checking For New Comments

There are several few options for viewing new comments:

1. Login into Your coComment account


While reading the new comments remember to share your comments with your groups.


2. Subscribing to the RSS feed from your coComment account

This means all new comments are fed into your feed reader (e.g. Google Reader, bloglines) and you can check them while reading your blog subscriptions.


3. Using the coComment sidebar

You can access the coComment Sidebar on any web page using the shortcut keys Shift+Ctrl+Q (these keys can also be used for turning off).

Watch this video to see how to use the coComment sidebar.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this has helped get you started using coComment. While we encourage all Comment Challenge participants to use coComment because of it’s community features — it’s not a requirement of the challenge that you do.

Also don’t forget to document your learning while completing the Comment Challenge — as Silva says

If you don’t have a blog (yet), take a paper and a pencil and jot down bullets. Remember this challenge is mainly about your own personal learning. The community effect is, of course, an added bonus

If you want to start a blog, or are new to blogging, check out our Getting Started with Edublogs page because we have lots of “How to” manuals and videos to get you going. Go here to create your blog for free!

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46 thoughts on “How keep track of new comments on other bloggers’ posts

  1. I have added the firefox extension, but I don’t get the little cocomment box come up as shown in your figure 4 when I write a comment.

    1. I’m having a bad day. I posted this message to your other post: yes I see it now, when I post a comment, the cocomment appears at the bottom – but it didn’t when I posted my query above.

      1. Hi Marie – you can also use cocomment to track comments on posts that you haven’t added comments to. From memory if you add their bookmarklet to your web browser you just need to click on it and then ask it to track conversations.

  2. Not sure if I have missed something Sue, how do I keep track of comments on blogs that I may not have anything to say but would like to see how the conversation goes?

  3. Sue, thanks for the update. I’ve installed coComments in Flock and so far so good! I’ll see if I was using the wrong RSS feed.

  4. Claire,

    My understanding is cocomment has fixed the issues with Flock so you should now be able to install cocomment add-on. In terms of the RSS feed from cocomment use the RSS immediately above where your conversations are (this provides the RSS feed for your latest comments).

    Kirsti (drdyer),

    Glad that Christophe helped you with “Hot for Words”, “Commenting is Sexy.” Maybe he can help you with the “problems getting your blogs recognized”?


    Thanks for looking into the Flock issues and explaining what the links on cocomment were about.


    Definitely let’s not go there with Digital natives and immigrants.

  5. Yes, Marina have a very special way to present her show 😉
    But the content is very good I think: follow the link on our home page and you will learn the origin of “paparazzi” 😉
    I guess her success come from both the content and the presentation…..

  6. @christophe

    Thank you for clarifying that the “Hot for Words”, “Commenting is Sexy.” were not ads, rather it was an event.

    I guess I was so surprised to find a ‘Victoria Secret’ type model image at the top of the coComments page that I didn’t want to delve any further, not knowing if what I would encounter would be viewable by young eyes (my daughters were in the room).

  7. A few answers…..
    We will check ASAP for Flock 1.1.2 support.
    coComment provides many RSS feeds:
    – Your conversations: to see updated conversations you are tracking, in two formats:
    – Web format: one item per updated conversation
    – Comment format: one item per comments
    – Your group conversations
    – And many more……

    Regarding ads: “Hot for Words”, “Commenting is Sexy.” are not ads: it was an event organized with Marina from HotForWords. She is a philologist, specializing in word origins.

  8. After struggling to figure coComment out for several hours, having problems getting my blogs recognized, I threw in the towel on coComment.

    I agree with Kate and “I’m not a fan of the ads there,” but would refine it as saying that “I’m *really* not a fan of the ads there.” The amount of advertising severely slowed down my ability to do much on the site. I question one of their main ads, that I find rather offensive, one that is too “Hot for Words” and that “Commenting is Sexy.”

    I am glad that ended up with co.mments, which is devoid of offensive advertizing and is working fine for me for the purpose of tracking the Challenge.

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