How Is Your Blog Looking In Internet Explorer?

Image of IE not workingAre you viewing your blog ONLY using FireFox, Flock, Chrome or Safari?  Have you checked it lately using Internet Explorer?


Oh dear you may be in for a BIG SHOCK! If you are unlikely you may find that your blog isn’t viewable in Internet Explorer and totally locks up your web browser or isn’t displaying properly.

What’s Happening

I’ve spent considerable time over the past few weeks fixing blogs that aren’t loading properly in Internet Explorer.Image of axe

As an experience user it has caused me considerable anguish as I’ve battled to shut down Internet Explorer.  If I was a reader, with computers skills similar to my husband, there would be considerable swearing, while blaming the blogger for all the Worlds’ problems, followed with a high probability of the computer being destroyed with an axe!

90 % of  Internet Explorer issues we are seeing are being caused by users copying and pasting text directly from Word into their blog posts which becomes a MAJOR problem if they have lots of posts. Occasionally widgets from some websites are causing problems.

Please DON’T embed Google Presentations in your blog posts at the moment.  There is an issue with the Google Presentation embed code and Internet Explorer which is causing it to totally lock up the web browser.  This is happening for all blog platforms we have tested the embed code with!

The Solution

If you are using another web browser please do both me and your readers a favour!  Check your blog in Internet Explorer regularly especially when you use:

  1. Embed codes e.g. YouTube, VoiceThreads, Voki in blog posts
  2. Add new widgets to your sidebars

Making this part of your blogging routine means you’re able to immediately identify any issues and implement a fix.


While you mightn’t use Internet Explorer as your web browser, many new visitors to your site and existing readers will be!  50 % of people who visit The Edublogger view it using Internet Explorer.

Image by under Creative Commons ShareAlike License.

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  1. Hello, thanks for this entry. I had a problem with loading my blog earlier. This solved it. I created a blog entry as well. But I linked it back here. Hope that’s okay. =)

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