Have You Joined The 2009 Student Blogging Challenge?

The student blogging challenge starts in March…..have you joined?

Currently 14 class blogs and 80 individual students blogs from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, England, Portugal and Argentina have signed up for the student blogging challenge.  Each week there will be one challenge, and some weeks will include three choices within the one challenge so that students can choose their blogging tasks based on their blogging ability.

This is a great opportunity for:

  1. Students to connect with other student bloggers while improving your blogging skills.
  2. Teacher to guide their students through the process of learning to blog and improving their reflective writing skills.

You don’t need your own blog! You can do the activities using your class blog or by commenting on other students’ blogs.

To join as a class or student blog you just need to complete the form at the bottom of this post.

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41 thoughts on “Have You Joined The 2009 Student Blogging Challenge?

    1. Hi Megan and Ben, thanks for visiting. Riding bikes is fun because it is good exercise. Great to hear you are liking blogging. Look forward to reading the posts you write.

  1. Hi there Sue
    , i am Kourtney and i’m 11 years old. my favourite things to do are Netball and BLOGGING. May i say your blog is brill, i have my own blog too althogh i have just started it. Its called Kourtneys Korner just go to http://www.mrscunnigham.edublogs.org and it will be there,anyway.Yes i am in the blogging comp thats why i am writing. My friends are Shannon, Evie and saskia, we do everything together including going dancing on fridays. I love blogging because it’s very social and i love to meet new people, especiay people from around the world. I’ve got to go now BYE!!!

    p.s. please visit my blog.

    1. Hi Kourtney, thanks for visiting. Thanks for the nice words about my blog. I’m lucky James Farmer the owner of Edublogs lets me have my own theme on this blog which makes it look a bit different.

      Now I’m off to visit your blog.

  2. hello,
    my name is lewis and im 11 years old.my birthday is on 14th january.i have a dog called george.i have brown hair and green eyes. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite subject is history, and my favourite colour is blue. My favourite time of year is Christmas!


    My name is Saskia, and i love to look at other peoples blogs, i like to see what they are interested in and what they are up to. I love talking to people from different countries, and i like to learn different words from different countries too. I have lots of penpal friends. I am 11 years old and i have blonde hair, my fav colour is pink and my best friends are:
    . evie
    . kourtney
    and many more, they are really good mates.My birthday is on the 20th of December.

    from Saskia
    xx bye xx

    1. Hi Lewis and Saskia, my favorite food is chocolate and I love Christmas. But here Christmas is really hot because it is summer. Saskia – what is the best facts you have learnt from someones blog?

      Here are some Aussie words for you – fair dinkum, G’day, she’ll be right mate! and sheila. But did you know there are lots of words that we use differently from you for example, pushchair here is a pusher, lorry is a truck.

  3. Hiya Sue,
    My name is Carson and I am 7 years old and I go to Sacred heart in Rochdale England. I love to blog because it is fun and I like to write to other children around the world. I have a brother and sister and a pet rabbit called fluffy I like telling people about myself on the computer but I always follow the safety rules. anyway nice chatting to you
    bye bye carson

    1. Hi Carson, thanks for visiting. You are writing really well for your age. I’m from Western Australia – have you found it on a map? Perhaps you could check out some of the cool animals that you find in Australia.

  4. hi our names are Shayna and Irina
    our best friends are Shelby,Elleand nimah.
    I shayna have a dog named Maddie and a turtle named Lucy.
    Irina is 7 yr old and I am 8 yrs old. How old are you?
    and when I want to grow up I want to be a vet thats from shayna and Irina
    hope to here from you
    love shayna and Irina xx

    1. Shayna and Irina, thanks for visiting my blog. Am I allowed to lie about my age? Perhaps I could say similar age to your teacher? 🙂 Vet sounds like an excellent career. Study hard at school and anything is possible.

      Always happy to chat – and feel free to ask me any questions.

  5. Hello Sue!!!!!!
    Blogging is fun esspesialy for me Nicole – Paige , a 9 year old ! I like animals, esspecially dogs , horses , and dolphins! I love listening to music and the radio with Kylie and Britney and also Miley Cyrus,shes cool ! My friends are also cool i like hanging out with them after school and have partys on there birthdays ! p.s We buy them really good expensive presents ! Blogging is absouloutly positutley “GREAT” i do it all the time because im always on my laptop after school and also go on the extrodinery MSN thats cool ive nearly got 100 friends! Its very perfect having a laptop at home because i can talk to all my friends from school , and i halft to go now and when i get home ill definetly go and do blogging ITS FUN !

    all my love
    Nicole – Paige xxxxxx

    1. Hi Nicole-Paige Those were lovely wishes from you. Tell you a secret I used to work at a place like Sea World and got to see the dolphins every day for about 6 years. They are such beautiful animals.

      I totally love all popular music. Sounds like you are lucky to have a laptop. Best of luck with your blogging. Make sure you tell me your blog site address when you have one so I can visit it.

  6. Hello Sue Waters,
    Hi! im called luke i am 7 years old.My favourite cake is choclate cake.
    I live in England.My best friend is Dylan Who is your best friend?.My hobbie is drama and swiming and all so dancing What is your favourite hobby. ?My favourite colour is blue. What is your favourite colour?
    My birthday is 16 of April. I wont ask you yours cos it is not polite to ask so my mum says! Have you got a brother/sister?This is why I like blogging I can ask lots of questions to people who live thousands of miles away in Australia…but Sue why do you like blogging?

    1. Hey Luke, chocolate is my favorite food and would love a piece of chocolate cake. I live in Australia where it is nice and warm. My best friend – hard question as I have some many people who help me. My favorite color is pink – you should see my bedroom. My hobby is mainly the work I do on the Internet. I have two older sisters.

      Why do I like blogging? Through blogging I have connected with people all around the World and get invited to visit lots of nice places. As a result of my blogging I have now changed careers from being an aquaculture lecturer to working for Edublogs to help students and their teachers with using technology. This would never have happened if I didn’t blog. PS and I’m so much better at writing now too.

  7. Hi Im Shannon and im 11 years of age. I love to blog because its interesting.
    You can find facts about other people whilst people all over the world people can see your interests. Many people post infomation and facts wich can be very useful as you find out more things what go on around the world and if you have an opinion or a suggestion you can comment wich makes the bloggers blogs better. Now do you know why I like Blogging?

    1. Thanks Shannon for telling me why you like blogging. When you get your own blog what types of facts would you like to write about? And what interesting facts have you learnt from other people’s blogs?

  8. Hello Sue Waters,
    This is Daniel and James, I (james) are 10 and Daniel is 10 in four months. I love to play guitar and Daniel loves to play keyboard. We both like blogging because its fun and its good to talk to children all around the world.Finally, yes we are in the blogging challenge/contest and thats why we left this comment for you dont be shy sue and write back
    daniel and James

    1. Hi James and Daniel, thanks for visiting my blog and telling me about yourselves plus why you like blogging. My youngest son is also 10 and is learning the guitar.

      Always happy to write back. Can you let me know when you each have your own blog so I can visit and write back on your blog?

  9. Hello everyone,
    My name’s Ozlem. I’m grade 6 esl teacher from Istanbul.I want to share my blog with you and also I m looking forward to reading your comments.

  10. My students are brand new to blogging, but would be up for the challenge…however, we are on vacation from March 13 to the end of the month. Would it be silly for us to join for 2 weeks? I’m sure some of the students may run with it and continue on their own over vacation if they have access at home. They’re 7th and 8th graders. Not knowing what kinds of challenges are posed, I’m not sure whether to jump in or not. Thanks!
    Tech Exploratoryr

    1. Here is the link to all the challenges from last year but remember to start at the bottom one not the top as they are just archived from my class blog http://wyatt67.edublogs.org/category/stubc08/

      We will be using many of these again this year but with a few variations or additions for students who have been blogging a little longer.

      Start the challenge anytime that suits you. It is really only a list of things you can do when blogging with your students.

  11. Hello Sue
    I have completed the form and signed up my kindergarten as a class. The form got my blog url but not an email addy. I have saved the blog in my reader and hope to find the updates there (hoping they are obvious as the reader is growing daily.) I also hope to learn about other teacher participants. I will mostly use listening and speaking skills for communication with a few simple text entries. I love the idea of a challenge. The Images4Education, K12 Online Conference, and Around the World in 80 Schools were excellent challenges as well. I learn so much from others through my expanding PLC.

    Now if I only knew how to turn a couple of these references into links, I’d be all set ;D


    1. Hi Gail, I suggest you might like to consider using folders in Google Reader – that is how I manage all my feeds. Would you like me to show you how?

      Also re-links would you like me to write a post about how to write links in a comment?

      1. Sue
        I would love to learn more about adding links to posts so yes, please write a post on that if you can find some time.

        I’ll also explore the folders idea more. The blogs in my reader are kind of clumped together in a general way but more organizations will help a lot.

        1. As you now know Gail I’ve written the post on writing links in comments and looks like it is working for you. Thanks for suggesting it as a topic.

          mmm folders – check my personal blog I think there is examples on it.

  12. Sounds exciting…but I would like to know more! Can you tell me about last year’s challenge? What is involved for teachers and students?

    1. Teachers can choose whether they join as a class blog in which case they might get their students visiting other blogs and leaving comments. Alternatively they may use their class blog to direct their students that have their own blogs to do particular tasks.

      We also have student bloggers join independently of their class activities – and they just had to make sure they let their teachers know.

      Last year the Challenge ran for 10 weeks with a new task each week. From that challenge they now have a community blog where the classes rotate through looking after the blog.

      What they found last year is the challenge inspired and engaged the students especially because it makes them appreciate they are writing for a global audience. They also learnt a lot about each others cultures.

  13. I am excited about sharing this challenge with my special needs students. We are the first group to have a class blog on our intermediate campus. We have only recently began our class blog (www.coconnections.wonecks.net) My students get excited when I read the comments posted to them. So let’s get started.

    1. Glad to hear Pam you and your students are joining the Challenge. I’m sure your students will get a lot from doing it. The students last year really enjoyed connecting with each other in different countries.

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