Have You Checked Out The Finalists in The Edublogs Awards?

Image of voteHave you check out the Edublogs Awards finalists and added your vote? Well voting is now open but times running out! You have until 9AM Australian Eastern Standard Time on Sunday December 21st to vote.

One of the best aspects of the Edublogs awards is it introduces us to new sites that we might not have found if not for the awards process. I made lots of new connections with other bloggers by checking out the finalists last year.

This year UDL at CMSCE, Rutgers University blog made me realise the finalist lists could be used as an activity with our students or for staff professional development. Check out this post on their blog to see how they are using the Edublogs awards for professional development.

The finalist lists for each category this year are a lot longer which does make it slightly harder to check out all the finalists. So I was thinking perhaps we could help each other out?

Can you leave us a comment to tell us about your favorite finalist(s) in terms of:

  1. What do you like about the blog/site/post?
  2. What are some cool ideas that you have gained from their site?
  3. Do you recommend any specific post(s) on their site that we should check out?

Alternatively if you are a finalist please feel free to tell us more about your site and share links to posts you recommend people check out.

You can read who I nominated for the Edublogs awards and why in this post!

Image adapted from Cave Canem licensed under Creative Commons ShareAlike

32 thoughts on “Have You Checked Out The Finalists in The Edublogs Awards?

  1. President-elect Barack Obama and Monkey business I was liked much. But didn’t voted that because I was not that time on my home. These posts were great for me. The award function is great also for Edublogs.org.


  2. Hi,

    Thanks so much for nominating my Off On A Tangent blog…

    I had a lot of fun teaching my students new media tools for journalism this semester…

    Looking forward to next semester…


  3. Although somewhat uncertain about being in the blog awards this year, I am so proud of my miniLegends. They are 8 and 9 year olds (with huge competition from older kids in the awards) who were thrust unwillingly into a global debate. [This debate continues to rise as Australian education and lifestyle is being threatened by imposed national internet restrictions.]
    Voting for these nominations is very topical and will help make a very powerful statement indeed.
    I want to thank you Sue for all your support of the miniLegends and collating such a huge response to the one act of our blog being closed down because something “could” go wrong.

    The minis won the 31 day blogging award last year and took things to a whole new level this year with the ‘mentor-a-mini’ program which has been adopted and adapted in many classes around the world. Their class and individual blogs have paved the way for a reinvigorated re-entry to blogging in 2009.
    Whether you vote for them or not, please have a look at whatever nominations you can get to AND please find a moment to read the miniLegends’ ‘thankyous and goodbyes’ – leave a comment on the bottom link if you get a moment πŸ™‚
    Cheers, Al


    ‘Most Influential Post’
    Al Upton (Order For Closure)
    ‘Best Class Blog’ (Al Upton)

    or to learn a bit more … the links are here as well


    1. Heya Al – I did leave a comment on the post early yesterday morning. Hope the miniLegends saw it and were excited? Happy to have supported the miniLegends because the work you do with these students is great and was sadden but the issues you faced this year.

      1. Hi Sue
        the minis were so very excited and Jessica (who you mentored) was clapping her hands. It really pointed out how connected and valued these kids feel through the blog, their mentors and programs we used. The term that we “bounced around the world” came from them. The other thing is that now they know percentages one said “even if we don’t win I hope we get a really high percentage to show we really tried” LOL
        Cheers, Al
        BTW they have already started planning strategies how to help 2009 minis get blogging …. we have one huge identity/community here. No wonder we are all so proud πŸ˜€

        1. Glad the miniLegends were very excited and really pleased to hear that they have been planning how to help the 2009 miniLegends. That is cool.

          Will keep my fingers crossed and look forward to seeing you In world for the awards ceremony.

  4. Hi Sue,
    Of course I voted for my blog in the new blog awads and your blog in educational help. Also voted for Joe Dale in audio and Nadstar in individual. That should be enough to get a reply from you.

    1. Actually I was thinking that I’m really tired and would leave you all to discuss the issues while testing the threaded comment feature so that in the morning you can tell me how it went πŸ™‚

        1. Thanks for reminding me Leo. What are forums we can use in our blogs? I have noticed them under the manage dashboard, but never known what to use it for. Perhaps some ideas?

  5. Hi Sue
    I’ve cast my vote for Anne Mirtchin’s site which I keep visiting. It’s inspirational in terms of what is possible, and practical for those following along behind. Her useful tips are – useful!

    1. I also find Anne’s site excellent with ideas for getting out into the big world with your students. SHe is always ready to give help with Skype and so on.

  6. Sue – indeed I prefer you in the pink – but still see you clutching those addictive poisonous products in the old style top left side corner. Just posted Twitter for Dummies to twitter it may help a little in instructing others – I think it needs more instructions. Meanwhile your clustermap here shows Perth inundated with hits – see what you have done! Good luck to all with the EduBlogs Awards – you all deserve an award! Kind regards Stony

    1. True Mick that is a comment but looks like we will need a few more comments to test this feature or maybe I’m having trouble getting it to work πŸ™ .

      So tell me who are your favourite finalists in the Edublogs Awards?

      1. Another comment as requested!

        I have no favourites in the Edublogger awards but I think you should you have to prove that you don’t know the person whose blog you vote for πŸ™‚

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