Guest Blogger – #EdublogsClub Prompt 27

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Mid-year malaise setting in? Bring on a guest blogger and/or be a guest for someone! Sometimes, having someone else write something for your blog can add a new, fresh outlook that re-energizes your outlook.

Prompt: Write a guest post on another blog, or find a guest blogger for yours!

Ask someone else to post for you this week on a topic of their choice. Or see if you can find another blog or website that will let you post there. If nothing else, consider writing on something like this week, it can help you grow an audience 🙂

Happy blogging!

11 thoughts on “Guest Blogger – #EdublogsClub Prompt 27

      1. Thanks Ronnie! It’s been great having Karen and Sue do some of our blogging prompts, but I’m glad to see you back here with us. You were missed!

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