Please Share Your Examples of How Educational Blogs Are Used

I’ve been doing webinars lately on educational blogging and want to create a showcase of the different ways educators and librarians are using blogs.

I’m hoping you can help!

I want to build on the concept of our Class blog list to include examples of:

  1. Class websites
  2. Book Review Blogs
  3. Library Blogs
  4. Principal blogs
  5. Professional Development blogs
  6. School News Blogs
  7. School websites
  8. Other (any type of educational blog I’ve missed and you feel should be included in the showcase)

Please leave a comment on this post with links to any blogs that we should include in the showcase.

We’ll need the following information:

  1. Blog Title(s) and Blog URL(s)
  2. Type of blog (class website, book review blog,  library blog etc)
  3. Any other important information about the blog(s) to help others understand how the blog(s) is used.

You can check out archives and information from my latest webinars here:

  1. The Care and Feeding of your blog – for TL Virtual Cafe
  2. Introduction to Blogging – Jan 17 incl. Sue Wyatt, Peggy George (see supporting materials here) for ETMOOC
  3. Introduction to Blogging (Director Cut) – repeat Jan 23 incl. Sue Wyatt, Alan Levine, Penny Bentley (see supporting materials here)
  4. Advanced Blogging – incl. Alec Couros, Sue Wyatt, Penny Bentley (see supporting material here)
  5. Getting more out of student blogging – see supporting material here

37 thoughts on “Please Share Your Examples of How Educational Blogs Are Used

  1. Education blogs can be used so that students find out about a topic themselves when they have to write about it. For example if you give an assignment to students to write about a certain topic, but let them choose the subtopic , they will maintain interest about that topic and will like learning about it.

  2. please check out my blog which I began to offer help, information, insider looks into the world of teaching. After 29 years, I think I have something to say which may be of use to beginning teachers.
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  3. I’d like to add Expat Educator as a professional development blog.

    The blog began as a way to share teaching ideas. It now focuses on educational leadership – ways in which we create cultures that value both learning and personal development.


  4. Our Year 1 class have a new blog every year. We use it as a tool to connect with the rest of our school and also with the local community. It is a great way to show all of the amazing things our class get up to. We show photos and work and we also use the blog as a publishing tool.

  5. Not something that I know is in existence, but possible…
    Use a blog for a “Study Group” or to take “Class Notes”. You can “Post by Email” and “Post by Voice” to a free site.

    Use embed codes to post to various categories (a category might be a course ID, so you could use one WP site to take notes for several courses, and the system would put notes chronologically in an RSS feed for each category. Could also use the Search function to find specific items. Take a picture of notes on a board, or handwritten notes (or scan materials) and post them to the site. With approval, record the audio lecture and add to your site. *Record the audio of study group sessions.

  6. YA Book and More

    I initially created this blog as a book review site, but realized it needed to be more than that, especially with educational technology. So I’ve combined the two to address the need of nt only the target audience (librarians) but also to incorporate educators, technologists, and bibliophiles whatever age.
    The highlights of my blog usually enters around the creation and premiere of book trailers but usually coincides with book reviews.
    I’ve always linked my twitter, which focuses primarily on technology but also includes book review posts. That way I reach a broader audience depending in their preference.
    Sometimes silly, always extending what educational auidiences may learn from.

  7. Sue,

    Our junior school librarian Sandra McMullan from PLC Sydney started blogging a couple of years ago and has developed a really good library blog at

    I think she’s done a great job of keeping it going, adding lots of resources and links to it, and it’s really become the hub of the library’s online presence.

    She also created a book review blog at and continually adds content to it. She adds ther posts for each book and the students write reviews in the comments. It’s a system that is working really well.

  8. At our Community College, we created the blog titled “Durham Tech Sakai Blog” for our faculty, as we’re moving from teaching and learning on Blackboard to Sakai, which is an open-source Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE):

    We wanted to provide not only training and tips about Sakai for our instructors, but we also wanted to provide a way to share tech tools that we came across, such as tools that allow you to make your own comic strip or generates QR codes.

  9. Hi Sue,

    Good luck with your webinars!

    Feel free to use:

    Mrs. Yollis’ Classroom blog
    2/3 graders in California

    Yollis’ 365 Project

    This photo-of-the-day project has exceeded my expectations. Lots of great opportunities for writing and photography. We even get photos from other teachers, classes, and students…especially from our Aussie friends!

    Curricular examples from the class blog:

    Our World, Our Numbers
    Global elementary project

    Thanks for all you do to support blogging!


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