#EdublogsClub 1: My Blog Story

Welcome to the #EdublogsClub!

This is the first prompt in the year-long series where we will blog together weekly around a common topic or theme.

How It Works

  1. Make sure to signup here if you haven’t already to get the prompt emailed to you weekly.
  2. Each Tuesday, check your email or this blog for the new prompt.
  3. Publish a post on the prompt within the next week.
  4. Leave a comment down below with a link to your post so others can easily find it.
  5. Share your post on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or anywhere else using the #EdublogsClub hashtag.
  6. Read through your fellow club members posts and leave comments as appropriate.

Prompt #1 – My Blog Story

Let’s get to know each other a little better with our first post.

Write a post that shares your blog story. Some topics you may wish to discuss include:

  • Your experience blogging – is this your first post? Are you an experienced veteran? Somewhere in between?
  • Do you read other blogs? What are some of your favorites? How do you keep up with them?
  • What are your goals for the #EdublogsClub?
  • If you are new to blogging, do you have any questions you want answered or fears you wish to share?
  • If you are more experienced at blogging, do you have any advice for newbies?
  • Anything else you wish to share!

Rules and Tips

The first rule of the #EdublogsClub is that the rules are more like guidelines. We plan for each weekly prompt to include a wide range of options so that you can tailor this blogging journey to meet your individual needs.

Here are some quick tips to keep in mind:

  • quality over quantity – some of the best blogs have short but impactful posts. Don’t force an arbitrary word count or length requirement on yourself.
  • posts that are helpful to the reader tend to be the most popular, so try and keep your potential reader in mind if building an audience is one of your blogging goals.
  • reuse and recycle – if we hit a topic that you’ve written about before, take the opportunity to edit, update, and republish, or simply leave a link to your older posts for the community. It is ok for blog posts to be living documents that evolve over time.

Happy blogging, and don’t forget to leave any questions and a link to your published post below!

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88 thoughts on “#EdublogsClub 1: My Blog Story

  1. I started my Blog about a year ago. I do not have advice for others because I feel I am a novice. I do have a question for those out there who are pros! I only get a few responses each week and part of that is that I am unsure how to promote my Blog to get more readers. Any ideas?
    suggestions? I am not sure if it is my topic choices but am open to any ideas you may want to share.

    Here is my Blog:

    1. I forgot to add the second blog site I have. I host the main page of my class blog with student’s links added. But I also created a second blog for myself called “Blogumentary” where I write about documentaries I watch. Here it is. Ambitious goal on my part, one doc a week, that I have not been good about keeping up with, but need to get back to.

    1. I like how your photos look in the posts. How did you get those subtle “frames” around each? Very professional looking.

      1. Hi Michelle, the subtle frames around the images on Abraham’s blog are most likely applied automatically by the theme. Some themes do this to images.


  2. I’m a little late to this party, but I’m looking forward to the challenge. Here’s my first blog post https://julieconlon.com/2014/02/15/julies-classroom-assistance/. It explains the motivation behind my blog. I’m coming up on my three-year anniversary of blogging, and the advice I have to offer is from Phillip Roth: “The road to hell is paved with works-in-progress.” I’m hoping that this challenge will help me finish up some of those drafts!

    1. Thank your for sharing being a nerd! I completely understand balancing teaching, life, and trying to add a blog in the extra time. I have considered adding student blogging to our science curriculum, just need to manage how best to manage it.

    1. Definitely not too late! I’m expecting others may continue to add their story. The best aspects of prompts like this is you can do them at your own pace and catch up any time. I’ve also participated in other blogging challenges and find that I gain ideas from reading/commenting on other participants posts so sometimes will hold off.

    1. Hi Karen, quite a few are like yourself and are first time bloggers. Participants range from beginners to experienced and it great to see everyone supporting each other!

  3. Hi everyone. Loving seeing so many familiar names popping up on here. 🙂 . Great to be able to participate in this challenge and it’s just what I needed to kick me into gear and get me to commit to blogging regularly. Here’s the link to my blog. Looking forward to reading and commenting.

    1. Justine, I really appreciate your advice about making your blog a conversation and not worry about a formal essay. That statement gave me relief!

      1. Hi Karen, You’re welcome! I think it takes the pressure off and helps conversations start. It also seems to make it easier to get your thoughts down too. 🙂

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