25+ New Edublogs Videos Added to YouTube….More to Come!

As part of our on-going effort to provide better support material at Edublogs, our video team has been working hard and have added more than 25 videos to the Edublogs YouTube Channel (Subscribe!).


Our Latest Video Series

Here are our playlists of what we’ve been working on behind the scenes:

Need help getting started?  This Edublogs – Getting Started video series will help.  (9 videos).

Want to learn more about customizing the appearance of your blog?  Check out this Edublogs – Appearance & Themes video series.  (4 videos)

Need more help with publishing posts and pages?  Check out our Edublogs – Posts & Pages playlist.  (18 videos).

Need more information on adding files and image?  Check out our Edublogs – Files & Images video series.  (9 videos)

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The videos above are just a portion of what we have over on YouTube.  Besides creating our own videos we also compile Playlists of helpful blogging and how-to videos created by others.

Here are a few examples of our Playlists compiled from videos created by others:

Looking for more information on the benefits of blogging?  Check out our Blogging – Benefits Playlist.  (8 videos)

Looking for information on Twitter to share with your teachers?  Check out our How to – Twitter Playlist.

There are a lot more videos on the way.

The best way to keep up with all this activity is to jump over to the Edublogs channel and SUBSCRIBE!

What Videos Would You Like to See?

Our videos have been uploaded to YouTube to make it easier for you to share them with  your students.

We’d like to know what you would like to see. Do you have any ideas for future videos?  Or do you have any videos to add to our playlists?

Let us know in comments.

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