Edublogs Themes That Allow Comments on Pages!

Which blog themes allow readers to write comments on pages is a common question asked in the Edublogs forum.

Problem is some themes allow comments on pages and others don’t.  To find the answer you need to try each theme, which is a lengthy process.  It took me hours to Separate the 100 Edublogs themes Into Categories To Make Choosing Your Next Theme Easier.

Thanks to Ginny Paisie from Paisie Perusals we now have the answer because she both road tested all the themes and shared the results in the forum.


While I was writing this post Paul Beaufait had a similar idea and has written a post:

  1. explaining why being able to write comments on pages is a handy feature for students
  2. and also set up a Google Form for you to leave details if your theme allows comments

We would REALLY love it if you could check the list above and drop past Paul’s post and complete his form to confirm if your theme does/doesn’t allow comments on pages.

Please remember also to take the time to drop past Ginny’s blog to thank her!

You may also want to check out What To Consider When Choosing Your Blog Theme!

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38 thoughts on “Edublogs Themes That Allow Comments on Pages!

  1. How do I create my very own theme?
    For example via css codes and stuff
    some thing that looks like
    TML {
    #text {
    This actually works a lot better for me
    And I feel like I can create a far better them using this methods on my own.
    Do they even allow users to write their own themes?


  2. I really wish there was a place where I could find out which themes allow comments on posts! Does anyone know of such a place? That would really be helpful!

  3. @ScienceGeek. Sometimes, depending on screen resolution, when you click on Appearence, Themes. You have to scroll down quite a bit before you see the themes. We have this happen in 800 x 600 resolution.

  4. When I go to the dashboard and click on appearance. I get teh pull down menu abd choose themes but then there is nothing… HOw do I see the themes and choose one for my blog?

  5. Hi,

    I would like for the comments that students post to be automatically “approved.” Currently, their comments don’t show up on our class blog until I’ve approved them. Is there a way to do this?



  6. Hi!

    I am really confused about pages vs posts. I am setting up a blog for my fourth grade classroom. I initially thought that pages would be “pages” of my blog. I thought we would be able to update each page with different kinds of posts. For example, the “Fly Away” page was supposed to be the page on which we could collaborate with other schools and the “extra extra” page was where I would have kids update readers on our newest class discoveries. Instead, the “home” page appears to be the place where we can “blog” and the other pages appear to be more static. How can I have a blog that has links/tabs that link up to “pages” where we can be blogging for different purposes on each page? Thank you!

  7. I am very new to the world of blogs. I’m trying to create a blog for my classroom where there are 2-3 pages where comments can be made. I read the above posts and am still confused as to how this works. The theme for the blog is Anubis1.0 It is listed as a very flexible, 3 column, custom header theme. There’s a spot on the welcome page only for comments. What am I doing wrong?

  8. Re themes: do some have an inbuilt blogroll that cannot be removed? I don’t need a blogroll for a site I’m doing. However, when I go to widgets I can’t get the blogroll off. It is saying ‘0’ widgets, but the blogroll is still there.

    1. By default new blogs come set up with the blogroll in their sidebar. If you add any widget to the side bar from memory it will either remove the blogroll widget or display it so that you can remove. Trust me that one has also driven me crazy ’cause it made no sense.

      1. Thanks Sue, yes it is a strange one. When I first did this, it certainly removed my blogroll but also my pages as well. However, I discovered I could put the pages widget and have the look I was after.

        1. My understanding Marie is that once you add any widget to the sidebar it removes the default widgets and you have to add them each in manually. Very frustrating if you don’t realise and probably a post I need to write for people.

  9. Thanks Sue, now I see the difference. The contents of the comments are inititally hidden but when you click on comments, they appear underneath the post. Some blogs I’ve seen though, have the comments appear under the post without having to click on the comments link.

  10. Deem, I have the same query (and theme as you). To access comments, you are taken to another page and then view the comments from there. Is it possible to have the comments view under the post same as Sue’s comments here?

    Re: themes and comments: Does it mean the theme list compiled shows the comments underneath the post as in Sue’s theme here or, that comments can be left but some are shown on the page and some you have to go to another page to view them? I don’t think the list differentiates in how comments are displayed.

  11. I use the Andreas09 2.1 theme and comments do not show up on the page. You have to click on the comments to see the comments. Do I need to change a setting to have the comments show up on the page?

    1. Pages are found across in your header – you only have two of them and the place to write a reply appears there. I think you are getting muddled up with posts which appear when your blog is loaded as normal – in posts you do have to click comments for them to appear under the posts.

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